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Our Mission

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We started Water Tech Advice to help the normal consumer become educated about water and find the best filters, heaters, and other home water appliances to live as healthy as possible.


Our writing team consists of DIY homeowners, plumbers, and water experts who research & review the top appliances on the market giving you the best & most comprehensive advice on the internet. See our team here


We also do our part to help people in need of clean water by giving a portion of sales to help build wells, provide filters, and improve access to clean water around the world. Learn more below.

How We Help Improve Access to Clean Water

Water is critical for good health and economic growth around the world. Unfortunately, there is still a global water crisis. 1 in 10 people around the world currently don’t have access to clean water.

As a for-profit website, we are doing our part to contribute a small portion of the money we make each month to help people without clean water receive the necessary resources for clean drinking water.

This means when you buy a product through our site we earn a small commission for helping you find the right appliance and a part of that money goes directly to someone in need of clean water.

There are many awesome water charities helping solve this problem. We are currently contributors in the charity: water Spring monthly giving program where it shows our donation activity and how that goes 100% to people in need. Check out our contribution here.

Clean water in South Sudan