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9 Best Countertop Water Filters Reviewed

By: Craig Smith
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Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews

As you search for a new countertop water filter, one thing will become clear in a hurry. 

That’s that you have a large variety of countertop water filters to choose from. 

They come in all different types, qualities, and price ranges.

That’s where my expertise in water filtration can help you. I spent over 26 years as a swimming pool filtration systems professional and this knowledge translates very well when it comes to home water filters. 

I have spent countless hours researching and reviewing several of the best countertop water filters. 

In this article, you will see detailed review information on the best countertop water filters as well as useful information regarding how countertop filters work.

This information should help you make a countertop water filter purchase that you will be happy with for many years to come.

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9 Best Countertop Water Filters Compared

#1 Big Berkey Gravity Filter
  • Type: Gravity Fed
  • Filter Life: 3000 gallons or 2 years
  • Contaminants: 200+ including chlorine, arsenic, bacteria
#2 Aquatru Countertop Filter
  • Type: Reverse Osmosis
  • Filter Life: 1200 gallons or 2 years
  • Contaminants: 80+ including chlorine, arsenic, lead
#3 Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser
  • Type: Gravity Fed
  • Filter Life: 150 gallons or 90 days
  • Contaminants: 200+ including chlorine, benzene, fluoride, microplastics
#4 Aquasana Countertop Filter
  • Type: Line Fed
  • Filter Life: 450 gallons or 6 months
  • Contaminants: 70+ chlorine, lead, pesticides, PFOS
#5 APEX Countertop Filter
  • Type: Line Fed
  • Filter Life: 4 to 8 months
  • Contaminants: Chlorine, benzene, chloramines, organic chemicals
#6 iSpringCKC1C Countertop Filter
  • Type: Line Fed
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Contaminants: Chlorine, iron, atrazine, asbestos, rust
#7 Home Master Jr F2 Countertop Filter
  • Type: Line Fed
  • Filter Life: 300 gallons or 3 months
  • Contaminants: Chlorine, VOCs, pesticides, h2s
#8 Zen Water Systems Filter
  • Type: Gravity Fed
  • Filter Life: 500 gallons or 6 months
  • Contaminants: Bacteria, sediment, chlorine
#9 Clean Water 4 Less Countertop Filter
  • Type: Line Fed
  • Filter Life: 10,000 gallons or 7 years
  • Contaminants: Chlorine, sediment

What to Look for When Choosing a Countertop Water Filter


Here is what I feel that you should consider the most when looking to buy the best countertop water filter:

Type of Countertop Water Filter

There are 3 types of countertop water filters. Which type that you will like the best will come down to personal preference. 

You will get to choose between gravity-fed, line-fed, and reverse osmosis countertop water filters.

Impurities Removed or Reduced

As was mentioned, there is a wide variety of countertop water filters to choose from and that includes the types of tap water impurities that each model filters out.

I recommend that you get your household water tested with a water test kit and then purchase a countertop filter that targets the contaminants that you are most concerned about.

Filtration Flow Rate

Gravity-fed countertop water filters take a little bit of time to produce filtered water as opposed to line-fed and RO countertop filters which give you almost instant enhanced water. 

This is something to consider, especially if there is a high demand for filtered water in your household.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost

Just as there are many different countertop filtration systems to choose from, so are there ones with different filter useful lives and different prices for their replacement filter cartridges.

That means even though a particular best countertop water filter model may be less expensive than others, if its filters have a short useful life and are expensive, that initial money savings can even out in a hurry.

Size and Looks of The Unit

When you are talking about a water filtration device that will be placed on your countertop, you certainly will want to be aware of how big it is and how much counter space that it takes up.

Since your new water filter will also be displayed in plain sight, you don’t want it to be an eyesore either.

Reviews of The Best Countertop Water Filters

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Here are some countertop filter models that will serve your purified drinking water needs very well if you should decide to purchase one of them.

#1 Big Berkey Gravity Filter

This was a pretty easy choice for my best countertop water filter. It’s made by a company with an excellent reputation in the industry. 

The fact that it filters out over 200 household drinking water contaminants is impressive on its own but there are many other nice features that you get with it too.

Among these are its generous 2.25-gallon storage capacity and its extremely long filter life. It will look good on your countertop too with its nice stainless-steel exterior which also adds to its durability. 

It’s very easy to set up and maintain too. The Big Berkey Gravity Filter is also fairly portable so you can make use of it at more than one location.

All of these features help to somewhat offset its higher initial cost ($317) and pricey replacement filters.            

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter:  This is a gravity-fed water filter as the name implies.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: Here is where this water filter really shines. While many countertop water filters just target chlorine removal and a few other impurities, the manufacturer claims that the Big Berkey Gravity Filter can remove or reduce some 300 tap water contaminants.

This list includes chloramines (residual chlorine) to undetectable limits, viruses (99.9%), pathogenic bacteria (99.9%), pharmaceuticals (99.9%), Arsenic (>99.9%), E. Coli (>99.9%), and Nitrites (>95%).

Filtration Flow Rate: For as many contaminants as it filters out, the Big Berkey Gravity Filter still has an acceptable 3.5 GPH flow rate.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: It’s recommended that you change the filters in this model countertop filter every 3000-gallons or 2-years. A set of two replacement filter cartridges will set you back $148.

Size and Looks of The Unit: It has a pleasing to the eye and durable stainless-steel finish and with a 20” height, 8 ½” diameter, and 7 lb. empty weight, it’s still considered to be portable.


  • Reduces or removes over 200 contaminants
  • 3000-gallon or 2-year filter life
  • Large 2.25-gallon storage tank capacity
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Tested independently
  • It’s somewhat portable
  • Made by a reputable Company
  • Lifetime product warranty


  • HIgher priced unit with costly replacement filters
  • Manually filled
  • Slow 3.5 GPH flow rate
  • Unavailable in California or Iowa
  • At 21” high may not fit under kitchen cabinets
  • No filter change indicator or meter

#2 Aquatru Countertop Filter

Nipping on the heels of the Big Berkey Gravity Filter for the top spot on my review list is this model countertop filter from Aquatru. That’s because it will remove or reduce 83 contaminants from your incoming water. A claim that’s backed up by this model’s five NSF/ANSI 3rd-party certifications.

It is a 100% self-contained reverse osmosis system that produces almost instantaneous purified tap water. No setup or plumbing is required either. This unit also features a very long filter life.

At $447, this is an expensive countertop water filter but the fact that it’s certified to reduce 83 contaminants and comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that can be used as a trial period takes much of the risk out of this purchase.             

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: The Aquatru Countertop water filter uses proven reverse osmosis filtration.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: RO filtration systems are known to remove or reduce a large number of household water impurities and this product is no exception. It’s NSF/ANSI certified to significantly reduce some 83 common water contaminants.

Among the impurities removed and reduced by its 4 filtration stages are over 96% of chloramines & chlorine, 98% of arsenic, 99% of benzene, and 99% of lead.

Filtration Flow Rate: Only a very slight delay when activated.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: The filter life with the Aquatru Countertop filter is very good at 2-years or 1200 gallons. Replacement RO filters cost $50 and the three other filters which don’t last as long cost $20, $30, and $50. 

Size and Looks of The Unit: It does not look bad on a countertop at all with its stylish design but it’s large and will take up some counter space with its 18” x 18” x 15” size.


  • Uses proven reverse osmosis filtration
  • Filters out over 80 tap water impurities
  • Includes 3 additional filtration stages
  • Self-contained
  • NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58, 401, 473 certified
  • Digital display
  • 1-gallon water storage capacity
  • Pushbutton dispensing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Needs an electric plug nearby to operate
  • Pricey unit
  • Not very portable
  • Periodic filter replacement will add up

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#3 Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser

Here is a gravity-fed water filter that testing has revealed will filter out over 200 tap water contaminants. That’s just one of the reasons that its placed so high up on my list of the best countertop water filters.

It’s a gravity-fed water filter that has a slow 2 GPH filter rate but it can store up to 1.5 gallons of purified water in its bottom tank.  

The unit itself has a very reasonable $69 price but be wary of its high-cost replacement filters and their below average useful life.             

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: This is a gravity-fed style countertop water filter.

Impurities Removed or Reduced:  Its advanced carbon block filtration will remove chlorine, fluoride, PFAS (PFOA, PFOS), pesticides, lead, glyphosate, microplastics, radiological elements, and trace pharmaceuticals.

Filtration Flow Rate: Expect a little bit of wait for purified water due to its slow 2 GPH filtration rate.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: This is the biggest red flag with this product. It has a short 3 to 4 month or 150-gallon filter replacement time and those filter cartridges cost $45.

Size and Looks of The Unit: At 12″ x 9″ x 8″ in size, I wouldn’t say it takes up an unusual amount of countertop space and it’s white and clear plastic look is ok.


  • Over 200 tap water impurities reduced
  • Removes Chlorine & Fluoride
  • Low initial cost
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Manufacturer claims it exceeds NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, & P473 certifications
  • Easy pour spout
  • Club filter replacement savings plan


  • Short filter life
  • Costly replacement cartridges
  • Slow filtration rate
  • No 3rd-party certifications
  • Purified water container will not fit in the fridge

#4 Aquasana Countertop Filter

Here is a very high-quality line-fed countertop water filter. It will remove chlorine and over 70 commonly found household water impurities. Several 3rd-party certifications back this claim up.

It features a very simple hook-up with everything that’s needed right in its included kit. The Aquasana Countertop Filter has a slower 0.5 GPM flow rate and it’s backed up by a satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty.  

I don’t personally feel this is a good-looking water filter but it does not take up much counter space when put in place.           

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: The Aquasana is a line-fed style filter that is very convenient to use.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: It uses a combination of catalytic carbon, activated carbon, and ion exchange filtration to remove or reduce chlorine, lead, pesticides, asbestos, mercury, pharmaceuticals, PFOS & PFOA, and many other contaminants.

This unit is even NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, and P473 certified.

Filtration Flow Rate: This product produces almost instant enhanced drinking water.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: With a 450-gallon or 6 months filter useful life, you can expect to buy 2 or 3 pairs of replacement filters at $60 a pair in a year.

Size and Looks of The Unit: At 9” x 4” x 9.5” it is a smaller sized countertop water filtration system option and it has a very plain look about it.


  • Good flow rate
  • Twin cartridge filtration
  • Uses proprietary Claryum® Technology
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Compact 9″ x 4″ x 9.5″ size
  • NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, and P473 certified
  • Fairly priced


  • Average filter life at best
  • Plain looking
  • Takes a while to fill large size containers

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#5 APEX Countertop Filter

The APEX filter is a countertop water filter that’s made by a manufacturer that’s been making water filtration products for over 24 years. 

That experience clearly shows in the design of this multi-stage countertop filter that removes chlorine and several other impurities from your incoming water supply.

It does all of this even though it has a compact design that looks good when it’s placed on any style of countertop. This filter also produces water that is higher in alkalinity which is thought to have some health benefits.

It also comes with NSF/ANSI 42 certification for anti-chlorine aesthetic effects and NSF/ANSI 61 certification that indicates it’s made using safe materials. This water purification unit is also available in cleared and colored versions and comes with a 1-year warranty.             

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: This is a convenient line-fed style water filter that requires little effort on your part once it has been installed.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: This device uses a combination of granular coconut shell-activated carbon and KDF-55 filter media. That helps it remove or reduce chlorine taste and odor, benzene, chloramines, certain organic chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and some heavy metals

Filtration Flow Rate: There is no wait time for the filtered water that it produces.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: The filter life of the cartridges that this model countertop water filtration system uses are average at best. That’s 4 to 8-months between filter changes. The replacement cartridges cost $45.

Size and Looks of The Unit: This is a space-saving countertop water filter at 12” x 4.5” x 4.5” and it has a decent design that is available in several different colors.


  • Reduces chlorine and many other tap water impurities
  • Adds important minerals to the water
  • Instant purified water production
  • Produces beneficial alkaline water
  • 4 to 8-month filter useful life
  • Comes with 2 NSF/ANSI 3rd-party certifications
  • Space-saving design
  • It comes in clear and colored versions
  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty


  • Pricey replacement filters
  • Just OK looking
  • No non-alkaline water option
  • Difficult to install for some

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#6 iSpringCKC1C

If you don’t like waiting around for purified water to drink, then this iSpringCKC line-fed compact water filter that produces near instantaneous enhanced water is worth taking a closer look at.

This unit features activated carbon block filtration that will filter chlorine and other tap water contaminants down to 5-microns in size.

Its compact and portable design also makes it ideal for RV, boat, and camper use. At around $39 it’s also one of the least expensive countertop water filters on my list of the best ones.  

You get good peace of mind when purchasing this countertop water filtration system thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty.

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: It’s a line-fed style countertop filter that is activated by flipping a lever on the line where it attaches to your kitchen sink faucet.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: Its activated carbon block filtration that’s supported by 4 other filtration stages will remove such tap water contaminants as chlorine, iron, dust, atrazine, asbestos, particulate matter, and rust.

Filtration Flow Rate: Produces filtered water instantly.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: It has an average filter life for carbon block filtration which is around 6-months. OEM filter cartridge replacement is expensive at $38 each but comparable off-brand filter cartridges can be purchased in 4 packs for $50.

Size and Looks of The Unit: Since it’s sized around 5” x 5” x 12”, that means this product will not take up much space when placed on your kitchen counter. It is a very basic-looking water filtration unit.


  • Nice 5-micron activated carbon block filtration
  • 99% chlorine removal
  • Line-fed water filter
  • Produces instant purified drinking water
  • Affordable off-brand replacement filters
  • Included installation kit
  • Clear housing allows for filter inspection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Great for RV and camper use


  • Not suitable for hot water use
  • No TDS removal capability
  • The feed hose position can be bothersome
  • Initial setup can be tricky
  • Does not work on all kitchen faucet styles
  • No third-party certifications

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#7 Home Master Jr F2

The Home Master is a compact countertop water filtration system that will remove or reduce many tap water contaminants despite its small size. It does this by making the most out of its advanced filter stages.

It’s a compact line-fed countertop filter with a high arching spout to make filling glasses and containers easier and the unit does that with an acceptable but not overwhelming 1 GPM flow rate.

At 300 gallons or 3-months, it has the shortest filter useful life of any product on my review list. Fortunately, compatible and affordable off-brand filter cartridge replacements are available for it.           

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: It offers convenience with its faucet attached water feed line.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: This filter features 3 very good filtration stages. Coconut carbon filtration media that removes up to 93% of chlorine and also reduces VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides

There is also catalytic carbon media that further reduces chlorine along with hydrogen sulfide, chloramines, iron, herbicides, pesticides, THMs, and pharmaceuticals.

An added KDF85 filter helps reduce such contaminants as lead, iron, manganese, aluminum, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, and copper.

Filtration Flow Rate: It has an acceptable 1 GPM filling capacity.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: Take note of its short 300-gallon or 3-month filter cartridge useful life.

Size and Looks of The Unit: It’s a good-looking and compact size (12.3” x 9.4” x 7.6”) countertop water filtration system.


  • Efficient 3-stage filtration
  • Space-saving design
  • Inexpensive compatible replacement filters
  • Excellent warranty
  • Line-fed water filter
  • Decent 1 GPM flow rate
  • High arching spigot
  • No waiting for enhanced drinking water


  • Shorter filter useful life (3-months)
  • Not compatible with all kitchen faucets
  • Water feed line position can be a nuisance
  • Not good for use with water above 100°
  • No 3rd-party certifications

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#8 Zen Water Systems

The Zen Water System is a countertop water filter that works utilizing gravity and it has a total of 7 filtration stages in all. These stages target chlorine and many other tap water impurities.

The slow 1 GPH flow rate allows for excellent filtration but also means that you have to plan ahead if you need large amounts of purified water. The 2.5-gallon water storage tank helps offset that somewhat.  

It’s a little tall to fit under some cabinets but it looks good and has among the lowest price replacement filter cartridges of any product that I reviewed here.            

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: The Zen Water Systems countertop filter is a gravity-fed unit.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: Its main carbon block filter media is part of a 5-stage filter cartridge that removes or reduces bacteria, sediments, nitrates, chlorine, some man-made chemicals, phosphates, and more.

Filtration Flow Rate: This water filter has a very slow 1 GPH flow rate.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: The filter life of its main 5-stage cartridge is 500-gallons or 6-months and it only costs $17 to replace.

Size and Looks of The Unit: It is 28” inches high (19” if the base is removed) and measures 15” in diameter. This is a decent-looking countertop water filtration system.


  • 3-component, 7-stage total filtration
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable replacement filter cost
  • Produces mineralized alkaline water
  • 2.5-gallon water storage capacity
  • Made of durable and safe BPA-free plastic
  • Optional base to use


  • Spigot is a little low
  • No 3rd party certifications
  • Has to be filled by hand
  • Takes time to make purified water
  • No non-alkaline option

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#9 Clean Water 4 Less

If your main concern with your tap water is to get rid of chlorine taste and odor, that’s exactly what this Clean water 4 less model countertop water filter is designed to do.

It’s also compact, features 5- filtration stages in all, and has a line that attaches to your faucet so no manual filling is involved.

If its non-replaceable filter media truly will last 7-years (which I am somewhat skeptical of), then this unit that’s reasonably priced is not a bad deal at all.           

Main Features & Benefits

Type of Countertop Water Filter: This is a line-fed style countertop water filter system.

Impurities Removed or Reduced: The Clean Water 4 Less filter uses a high-grade activated carbon filter that has 4 support stages. It will filter out most chlorine (97%) and provide Class I particulate reduction (dirt, sediment, sand). 

Filtration Flow Rate: It has an ok 1 GPM flow rate.

Filter Useful Life/Replacement Cost: The manufacturer claims that the filter media inside this countertop filter will make 10,000-gallons of purified water or last a full 7-years.

Size and Looks of The Unit: Its looks are very basic and at 5” x 5” x 9.5” it’s one of the more compact countertop water filters on my list of the best ones.


  • No filter replacements are necessary
  • Makes 10,000-gallons of enhanced water
  • 1 GPM water flow
  • 5-stage filtration
  • Stainless-steel housing
  • No manual filling
  • Reduces 97% of chlorine
  • Satisfaction guaranteed product


  • Installation is not easy for some
  • Does not fit all types of faucets
  • Well water and dirty water incompatible
  • 7-year filter life is questionable
  • No 3rd party certifications 

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Countertop Water Filter Buyers Guide


What Is A Countertop Filter?

Are you someone that likes better quality drinking water but does not want to go through much trouble to get it? Then you will like the convenience that countertop water filter systems offer.

They are devices that require very low maintenance and the filtered water they produce is available right on your counter where you can quickly and easily accessible. You will also like the fact that countertop filters produce some good quality water at a budget-friendly price when their initial cost is averaged out over time.

These water filters are also available in two different types. Some are what is known as a gravity-fed style water filter that you fill yourself and others are line-fed so they are self-filling.

Part of the appeal of these types of water filtration devices is that they also require very little in the way of maintenance except for filter changes and occasional cleaning. Setup is very straightforward in most cases too and very few times is professional installation help required.

How Does A Countertop Water Filter Work?

Each countertop water filter system contains filtration media inside of it usually in the form of cartridges. Some will even contain more than one filter cartridge or have several filtration stages.

Once water is either added or pushed into a countertop water filter, it will then have to pass through the filter media inside of it. 

This filter media, which varies in makeup (usually some form of activated carbon filtration) and pore size will then begin to remove contaminants as the water flows through the media.

The smaller the pore size of the filtration media, the more contaminants that a countertop water filter will remove.       

Types of Countertop Water Filters

Three basic types of filters are placed on countertops. They are:


This is by far the most convenient type of countertop water filter. That’s because they have a feed line that is attached to a kitchen faucet so there is no need to fill them manually. They also produce filtered water almost instantaneously.

The drawbacks with this type of countertop filter are that they have to be placed close to a sink and they are much more difficult to install than a gravity-fed filter.

Gravity Fed

Many people like the simplicity that surrounds gravity-fed countertop water filters. That includes being easy to set up and maintain. They are two-piece water filtration devices that have a top portion with a filter cartridge that gets filled with water.

As their name implies, the water placed in them then uses gravity to allow the water to flow through the filter cartridges. The filtered water is then stored in the bottom section of the filter. This can be a storage tank or in some cases, it may be a pitcher or portable water container that can then be placed in the refrigerator. 

The biggest problem with this style of countertop water filter is that they produce enhanced drinking water at a very slow rate. They also have to be filled manually which can be a bit tedious to do every day.

Reverse Osmosis

These types of countertop water filters are one of the most efficient when it comes to filtering out drinking water impurities. 

They tend to be priced a little higher because they need an internal pump inside of them to provide the extreme pressure that it takes to produce high-quality RO filtered water almost instantaneously.

They will require an electric outlet nearby (some attach to the faucet too) to operate but other than that they are mostly self-contained. These usually do not make a great portable filter option but it’s not impossible with them. 

What Are the Benefits of a Countertop Filter?

Here are some of the reasons why countertop water filters have become so popular:      

  • Budget-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install in most cases
  • Many are 3rd-party certified
  • Simple to keep clean
  • Line-fed models produce filtered water very quickly
  • Some come with remineralization options

Disadvantages of Countertop Filters

These are some reasons why people choose to buy other types of water purification devices other than countertop water filters:

  • They don’t filter out as many impurities as some other types of water filters
  • Some have to be manually filled
  • Gravity-fed countertop filters produce enhanced water very slowly
  • These can be seen and take up some counter space
  • Not practical for whole-house use
  • Filter cartridge changes will have to be scheduled and carried out

What Else to Consider Before Purchasing

Be aware of these factors and how they might impact your countertop water filter purchasing decision:


Looking at a countertop water filter model’s portability is another factor that you should consider when looking to buy one. That’s because if you have a cottage, cabin-style boat, or RV and your countertop water filter model is portable, it can be used when visiting these too.

Gravity-fed water filters are easily the most portable type of countertop water filter because they break down for easier packing and they are very simple to get set back up and working.


I also advise people to know what type of warranty they are getting with their new water filter purchase.

Not only for peace of mind, but I also use a warranty to tell me how much confidence a manufacturer has in their product to do what they say it will and hold up over time.

Free shipping is a nice bonus with any countertop water filter that is ordered online too.

Installation & Maintenance Basics

Here are how the two main types of countertop water filters get set up and what it takes to maintain them.

Gravity-Fed Style

This is by far the Easiest of the two types of countertop filters that we have discussed to install. That’s because all that’s involved in setting it up is taking the water storage tank out of the box and placing the water supply tank (with the filter cartridge installed) on top of it.

Then you just need to fill it with tap water and wait for the filtered water to make its way into the storage tank.

As far as maintenance goes, both halves of the gravity-fed water filter should be taken apart and cleaned at least once a month with soap and water. The filter cartridges that these need to work will most likely need replacing every 6 to 12 months too.

Line-Fed Style  

While these countertop filter styles are much more involved when it comes to setting them up, most do not require professional help to do this even if you have just a small amount of mechanical ability.

The most difficult part of their setup is attaching them to the sink faucet. This involves unscrewing the aerator at the end of your faucet spout and then attaching a diverter valve assembly in its place.

The diverter valve allows you to switch back and forth between filtered and unfiltered water so you do not use up the filter cartridge unnecessarily in your faucet-style water filter.

As with a gravity-fed water filter, usually, the only maintenance required on them is replacing the cartridge filter every 6 to 12 months.

Reverse Osmosis Style

These are perhaps the easiest style countertop water filters to set up. This is because they are mostly self-contained units that either have to be manually filled or have a feed line attached to your kitchen faucet. So, you pretty much just plug them in and you are ready to go.

These do contain very long-lasting filters that need to be changed every 1 to 2-years. Other than that and some other support filter cartridge changes, there is not much maintenance that needs to be done to them.

Countertop Filter FAQs

These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding countertop water filtration systems.       

Is A Countertop Filter Or Under Sink Filter Better?

Which is better: a countertop or under-sink water filter?. As a general rule, those water filters that go under the sink will usually be bigger and have more fine filtration stages, so they will filter out more contaminants than countertop water filters. There are some exceptions though.

Is A Countertop Filter Or Whole House Filter Better?

This question is somewhat of a toss-up. This is because while whole house filters will most likely have more stages and filter out more contaminants than countertop water filters, they probably will not enhance your drinking water as much as a quality countertop water filter.

What Contaminants Do Countertop Filters Remove Compared to Other Filters?

You would be hard-pressed to find a countertop water filter that was not effective at removing chlorine. 

Beyond that, some units won’t filter out much more and others, such as the Big Berkey Water Filter reviewed above, will filter out an impressive amount of drinking water contaminants. So, it varies widely.

Reverse osmosis filtration produces higher quality drinking water than carbon-based countertop water filters.

Do Countertop Filters Work for All Kitchen Faucets?

You have a right to wonder if countertop water filters work on all kitchen faucets. Remember, not every countertop water filter can be attached to a kitchen faucet.

Those that do will usually only fit standard type kitchen faucets and cannot be attached to faucets that have pull-down or flared nozzles.

Are Countertop Filters Better Than Bottled Water?

This is a difficult question to answer because although most brands of bottled water are filtered and ozone-treated, you still don’t know the true quality of the water inside of them.

So, I would much rather drink water that is filtered by a good countertop filtration system, that way I know exactly in what way my water has been enhanced.             

Will I Need to Buy Replacement Filters for My Countertop Filter?

Are you going to have to occasionally buy replacement filters for your countertop filter? With very few exceptions, yes. Most countertop water filters use carbon-based filter cartridges, so you can expect to replace your countertop system’s filters every 6 to 12 months.

The Final Word on Countertop Water Filters

If the only concern that you have with your incoming drinking water is that you would like to make it healthier to drink, then a simple countertop water filter is an inexpensive way to do that. They also make a nice complimentary piece to a whole-home water filtration system.

They are not practical for anything except to use to enhance the water that you drink or cook with. The fact that they are easy to set up and maintain is also appealing to most that own them.

You also have a wide variety of choices in them as far as their ability to purify your drinking water and the price ranges that they can be purchased in.

If you don’t have a reverse osmosis or advanced carbon-based filter installed on your water line that feeds your kitchen faucet, then I see no reason why you would not purchase a good countertop or under-sink water filtration device.

This will ensure that you and your family always have healthier tap water to drink. 

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Craig Smith
Craig got his start in water working in the swimming pool and spa industry. Water treatment would grow into his main career but he ended up working in the pool industry for over 26 years where much of his time was spent balancing the water in customer's swimming pools and installing water filtration equipment. Craig offers an abundance of water treatment knowledge after helping homeowners get pure water for 26 years.

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