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Waterdrop Filters Review

By: David Trinh
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Waterdrop Filters

So you’re considering buying a filter from Waterdrop and want to make sure this is the best brand for your home water needs which will give you pure, clean, tasty water.

You’ve come to the right place.

We will detail everything you need to know about the company, its products, and which model would be right for your water supply.

About Waterdrop


The company was founded in 2015 to provide trustworthy water solutions to problems like the Flint water crisis and other issues.

Waterdrop has designed, engineered, and delivered more than 200 water purification products. They have over 100 patents and a team of professional product designers committed to excellence.

The company sources raw materials in accordance with the highest industry standards and a team of experts vet each piece of material ensuring it meets those standards. Waterdrops products have passed certifications and tests such as NSF, CSA, WQA, UPC, WARS, UL, FCC.

Waterdrop also believes in sustainability throughout all operations and is committed to making a positive impact in places where water is scarce like Africa where they donate 1 day of clean water for every product they sell.

The main products that Waterdrop sells are reverse osmosis systems, water filter pitchers, undersink filters, and refrigerator filters. Their main differentiator is the sleek design their products are made with as well as their quality reverse osmosis filtration technology.

Waterdrop Best Filters Reviewed

Let’s review Waterdrop’s top-selling and best water filters.

#1 Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System
  • 7 stage deep RO filtration
  • 400 GPD capacity
  • Tankless smart system
#2 WD-G2 Undersink RO System
  • Composite RO filtration
  • 400 GPD capacity
  • A smaller, cheaper version of G3
#3 3-Stage Ultra Under Sink System
  • 01 micron ultrafiltration membrane
  • Tankless and compact
  • Great regular filtration unit
#4 Chubby Water Filter Pitcher
  • 10 cup tank
  • 7 layer filtration
  • FIlter lasts for 3 months

#1 Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

This is Watedrop’s top RO system and we also rated it #1 on our best home reverse osmosis system review.

This model really is exceptional. It is a sleekly designed tankless reverse osmosis system that fits perfectly underneath your sink to give you the purest water possible.

It offers a flow rate of 400 gallons per day compared to a traditional unit that supplies only around 50, it’s tested and NSF certified to remove 99% of harmful contaminants from your water supply. It contains a 7-stage deep filtration technology, and also includes smart technology which monitors the system for you.

This unit can be installed in just 30 minutes and the filter can be changed in 3 seconds. You won’t need tools or too much help to get the unit up and running.

The system is also super smart. It automatically stops the water when it’s producing too much to help the environment, it contains automatic flushing, and has a 1:1 low drain ratio saving tons of water waste compared to conventional models.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best reverse osmosis system on the market that fits perfectly underneath your sink to provide clean, pure water then this model from Waterdrop is your best bet. Definitely check it out.


#2 Waterdrop G2 Undersink RO System

waterdrop filter

Another great option from Waterdrop just below the G3 model is the G2 model.

The G2 unit is a little bit smaller and has a few less features than the G3 making it ideal for smaller homes.

This unit has a 5-stage filtration technology that removes 1,000+ contaminants and produces 400 gallons per day of clean pure water.

The main difference between this unit and the G3 is that the G3 has a 7-stage filter technology, more real-time TDS reading smart features, a smart faucet, and a higher quality RO membrane.

The G3 is also more expensive at $500 compared to the G2 which is around $290.

If you have a smaller home and want the benefits of reverse osmosis filtration under your sink in a compact model then this G2 unit from Waterdrop is a great option.


#3 3-Stage Ultra Under Sink System

waterdrop undersink

This model from Waterdrop is their standard under sink water filter that does not contain reverse osmosis technology.

The system contains a 3-stage filtration system which includes a 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane that removes most contaminants in the water.

It also fits perfectly underneath the sink taking up a very minimal amount of space and is super easy to install yourself.

The filters in this system last for a long time at up to 24 months which is awesome because that means you don’t have to replace the filters every 3-4 months like a lot of standard units.

It’s also a great unit for RVs and other smaller living spaces since it’s so compact and effective.

Overall, although this unit does not contain reverse osmosis filtration it is a very good standard under sink water filter with excellent filtration capability. It’s worth checking out if you have a smaller home and just need a decent water filter and aren’t concerned about the extra purification of RO.


#4 Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher

waterdrop chubby

Last on the list of Waterdrop’s top products is their water filter pitcher.

Their filter comes with a 7-layer filtration to reduce a large range of contaminants, a gravity induction indicator (which reminds you to replace filter), and is nicely designed to fit in your refrigerator door.

One of the main benefits of this pitcher is the long filter life. The filters will last you for up to 3 months or 200 gallons which is top on the market for pitchers. Most pitchers will give you around 50-gallon filter life.

The 7-step filtration is also really solid in this pitcher. It removes chlorine, taste and odor, fluoride, aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury, limescale, sediment, and more.

The filter has a premium activated carbon fiber which increases surface area and allows for better adsorption.

Overall, for the price of $30, this is a killer deal for a top of the line water filter pitcher. You could spend $70 and get the best model on the market which filters out a bit more, but for the price Waterdrop offers this unit, it’s a great product.


Which Waterdrop Product is Right for You?

Here is a list of Waterdrops products that would be right for your particular water situation.

Most effective and best RO system– Waterdrop G3 model

Best RO system for a smaller house– Waterdrop G2 model

Filter Pitcher– Waterdrop Chubby

Standard Undersink Filter without RO– 3 stage ultra under sink system

Refrigerator Filter That Matches Your Model– Waterdrop refrigerator filter selector

With a solid product lineup, Waterdrop can provide you with a device that fits your home needs whether you live in a big home, small home, RV, or just need a filter for your fridge.

What Do Customers Say About Waterdrop

I went through a ton of reviews on the internet from Waterdrop.com, Amazon, and other internet retailers to find out what people are actually saying about their products. Below are a few reviews I found.

Waterdrop Website Reviewer:

“Love that this is a tankless reverse osmosis system. No noise, the filters are simple to replace, water tastes great; I have plenty of room left under my kitchen sink. Best of all, you don’t have to sanitize it because there is no tank holding the water. We had our plumber install but any handy person could do it.”

Waterdrop Website Reviewer:

“This thing is awesome. Everything’s in a sleek package that looks like an Apple product instead of a science experiment. Set up was simple just connect, let run and start using once the until tells you it’s done setting up. Reduces my TDS from 470 to 30. Converts the inflow into 50% RO outflow and 50% waste flow. Very pleased with this product; hope they’ll be able to get an even higher conversion rate in future offerings. The outflow rate is great, takes about 15 seconds for a pint glass.”

Amazon Review of G3:

“This is an amazing reverse osmosis system, I did lots of research and opted for a tankless system. I was impressed with the high quality of this product. The hardest part during installation was drilling through the aluminum sink. I looked at the YouTube video which was great help overall took around an hour to set up and an additional 30 minutes for the flushing of the system. This unit was perfect during the coronavirus crisis when no water bottles were available. The water tastes refreshing no aftertaste whatsoever. Kids loved it. Happy wife… happy life. Highly recommended.”

Overall, Waterdrop’s products have a majority of good reviews. On Amazon, they have 86% 5-star reviews and 4% 1-star reviews which is really good. This shows that the large majority of customers are happy with the products they purchase from Waterdrop.

How Does Waterdrop Compare to Competitor Brands?

There are numerous different quality reverse osmosis and standard water filter brands on the market.

After reviewing and examining Waterdrop’s products I can honestly say that they stand out for their reverse osmosis under sink systems. That is definitely their specialty.

The other products they offer like the standard under sink filter and refrigerator filters are good but they really take the crown with the reverse osmosis units that are really well designed and offer excellent filtration capability and tons of water capacity.

Most of the other reverse osmosis units are bulky, ugly, and just ok while Waterdrop’s models are sleek, sexy, and very effective.

If you’re still interested in checking out a few of the other top water brands on the market these are the companies we would recommend:

  • Aquaox– for whole-home water filters
  • Springwell– for whole-home filters, softeners, and whole-home well water filters
  • Aquasana– for whole house filters and softeners
  • Clearly Filtered- for their water filter pitcher
  • Pelican– for whole-home filters & softeners

The bottom line is if you are looking for the best reverse osmosis system for under your sink then Waterdrop is the brand to go with. If you are looking for a whole house filter or softener then one of the brands above is the best for that.


Overall, after reviewing waterdrop’s products we think that Waterdrop is one of the best brands on the market for your under sink reverse osmosis water filter.

Their systems are sleek, sexy, and provide very effective filtration with huge capacity compared to other brands on the market.

They are also very affordably priced for the quality that they deliver.

Check Out The G3

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