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Home Master Reverse Osmosis Review – Top Undersink Systems

By: David Trinh
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Home Master has been filtering water for almost 20 years and in the intervening two decades, they’ve learned a lot about the best ways to get clean water.

In fact, they’ve received a number of patents for new technologies and techniques for filtering water.

Reverse Osmosis filtration has been on their radar from the very beginning and it’s the type of filter the company is widely known for across America.

Home Master Water Filters: Under Sink RO Water Filtration Systems

In addition to being a mouthful, Home Master’s under-sink mounted, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter system comes in a variety of models to accommodate every water condition and concern. The products can all be upgraded and customized with added filters or other components to meet the individual situations or circumstances. 

Below are Home Master’s Top Models:

Value Line System – TM – “Fast Flo RO” filtering with a 3.2-gallon storage tank and ⅜” fittings.

Artesian System – TMAFC-ERP – Remineralizes water to refresh the taste and pH balance.

Ultra System – TMULTRA-ERP – Eliminates viruses and bacteria with advanced UltraViolet (UV) light + Iron filter.

HydroPerfection System – TMHP – The Ultra + Iron and a Permeate Pump upgrade to boot!

Additional products such as AntiMicrobial Tubing, refrigerator or waste disposal adapters, and even filter systems for Hydroponic Gardening are available from Home Master.

Top Home Master Water Filters Compared

It wasn’t an easy choice deciding the top 3 Home Master under-sink systems, but I narrowed it down so you wouldn’t have to spend so much time researching and comparing data.

Artesian(Model TMAFC-ERP)
  • Non-Electric Permeate Pump = 1:1 fresh water to wastewater ratio
  • 2,000 gallon filter capacity = less filter replacement
  • 75-gallon per day production = plenty of water for large family or offic
HydroPerfection (Model TMHP)
  • Removes Iron and Microorganisms = healthier and safer water
  • Reduced Storage Tank Degradation = lower system maintenance costs
  • Reduced Storage Tank Degradation = lower system maintenance costs
Waterdrop Ultra Filtration TSU
  • Removes Iron and Microorganisms = healthier and safer water
  • Fast Flo RO system = water storage tank refills faster
  • Fast Flo RO system = water storage tank refills faste

#1 – Home Master Artesian Filter– (TMAFC-ERP)

Home master (TMAFC-ERP) system parts.

Features and Benefits

  • 98% of contaminants removed: Safer, better quality water
  • Easy “All-in-One” filter replacement: No mess, no fuss
  • 2,000-gallon filter life: Low maintenance
  • “Fast Flo RO” design: No waiting for tap water to filter
  • Alkaline-balanced water from the faucet: Tastes better for drinking and cooking

The Artesian system comes out on top because of its overall features, cost, and performance.

This system uses Home Master’s patented (#US 7,507,334 B1) “Full Contact” technology to better circulate water inside the filter system and replace important minerals removed by the reverse osmosis process.

By reintroducing proper levels of calcium and magnesium, as well as restoring the correct pH level, the Artesian system provides balanced, great-tasting tap water.


  • Good water flow rate
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Good customer support


  • The system has been reported to have O ring and waste nut problems upon delivery
  • Hardware could be better quality

#2 – Home Master HydroPerfection System– (TMHP)

Home Master HydroPerfection System– (TMHP) system and parts

Features and Benefits

  • 99.99% of microbial contaminants removed: Safer, better quality water
  • NSF 51 Certified, FDA compliant, EPA registered: Independently tested and certified for purity
  • 2,000-gallon filter life: Low maintenance
  • “Fast Flo RO” ⅜ inch water lines: Reservoir refills faster
  • 50 gallon per day capacity: Never run out of fresh tap water

The HydroPerfection system is the super-mega-ultra-uber under-sink water filtration system available from Home Master.

This system has it all including the UltraViolet (UV) light and the Permeate Pump that remove up to 99.99% of microbial contaminants and 98% of dissolved solids, metals, and harmful chemicals.


  • Good water flow rate
  • Good for Well Water or High-Chloramine
  • Long-lasting filters
  • 1:1 Purified to Wastewater ratio
  • Good customer support


  • Complicated install
  • Hardware could be better quality especially
  • Installing in close quarters under the sink was challenging

#3 – Home Master Ultra Filter– (TMULTRA)

Features and Benefits

  • UV light included in the installation kit: Eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted biological agents
  • NSF 51 Certified, FDA compliant, EPA registered: Independently tested and certified for purity
  • 2,000-gallon filter life: Low maintenance
  • IRON® filter technology: No Reverse Osmosis membrane fouling
  • BPA free: No contaminating of filtered water

Given the features included in the Ultra filtration system, I felt like it deserved a place in the top three because it has what a lot of folks need without a super-high price.

The Ultra system incorporates the advantages of an UltraViolet Light (UV) cleaning step along with the Home Master Iron filtration process that removes 98% of heavy metals and other unwanted compounds.


  • Permeate Pump included
  • Mid-range price
  • Long-lasting filters
  • 1:1 Purified to Wastewater ratio
  • Ball valve keeps water pressure up


  • Complicated install
  • If you might use more than about one gallon at a time I would suggest a larger storage tank. I doubled my last system and it worked very well for larger usages.

What to Consider Before Buying Water Filters

If you’re unsure about the quality of the water you’re consuming, I’d suggest having your water tested. That will tell you what kind of filtration system and which components to include in your purchase. Purchasers who live in areas with high levels of contaminants from metals, minerals, or other undesirable contents will want to have filtered water re-tested after installing a system to determine the system’s effectiveness.

Also, testing your water will help you determine if you should purchase an undersink RO model or a whole home model. You can see some of our overall best whole home filters here.

 It’s important to test your water at each stage of the filtering process. In other words, test the water before it is filtered, after it is filtered and before minerals are added back in, and finally after the complete filtration process has taken place. Otherwise, you may not know the true effectiveness of your system and where it is benefitting you most or least.

Customer Comments and Reviews

There were many different comments spread across a variety of websites containing customer reviews of Home Master’s products.

The comments concerning their Reverse Osmosis product quality and value were split between happy purchasers and less-than-happy purchasers.

Installation problems were worth noting along with issues dealing with leaks. Overall, however, most buyers were satisfied with their purchase and I would say the product group received an average of 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5.

Home Master vs. Apec Filter

Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection
  • Price: $450-$529
  • Dimensions: 5"D x 15"W x 15"H
  • Waste Ratio: 1:1
  • Water Production:: 50 GPD
  • Filter Stages: 9 Stage
  • Bacteria Removal: 99.0%
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Remineralization: Yes
  • Price: $250-$340
  • Dimensions: 15"L x 7"W x 18"H
  • Waste Ratio: 3:1
  • Water Production:: 90 GPD
  • Filter Stages: 5 Stage
  • Bacteria Removal: 99.9%
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Remineralization: Yes

The Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection and APEC RO-90 reverse osmosis systems offer distinct features for water filtration. The Home Master boasts a 9-stage process including sediment, iron, and mixed media pre-filters, an RO membrane, UV light sterilization, and a unique full contact remineralization system, adding beneficial minerals twice for improved taste.

It’s more water-efficient with a 1:1 waste ratio and designed for easy installation, but is larger and more expensive.

In contrast, the APEC RO-90 utilizes a 5-stage process with a sediment filter, two carbon blocks, a high rejection TFC RO membrane, and a refining carbon filter, effectively removing up to 99% of contaminants. While cost-effective and easy to install, it lacks a remineralization stage and is less efficient in water usage with a 1:3 waste ratio.

The choice between the two depends on priorities such as water quality, efficiency, space, and budget.

How Do Home Master Reverse Osmosis Products Compare to Competitors?

Other competitive brands like Waterdrop, Aquasana, and Pelican offer similar products for reverse osmosis filtration. Some manufacturers utilize different filtration processes or materials, but all achieve the same results. 

One thing I like about the Waterdrop and Pelican systems is their contemporary design; they look a lot cooler under the sink than the Home Master kits. Price-wise, I’d say the Aquasana reverse osmosis system is a better value for the dollar, with the Waterdrop and Pelican products priced somewhat higher.

In terms of technology used for filtration and ease of use, I think the Home Master system stacks up well against any competitive technology and the patents the company has received for its products proves how committed they are to discovering new and better ways to provide clean, safe water. Rated highly in the Inc® Top 5,000 companies as well as being an A+-rated company by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) tells me the company cares about its customers and the way it conducts its business.

Alternative Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Filtration Systems

Waterdrop G3 RO System


As I said earlier, I think the Waterdrop WD-G-W RO system is one of the best and it features a horizontal filter replacement cartridge rather than a vertical one. That can make filter replacement a little easier.

The Waterdrop system is priced higher than the Home Master systems until you add in some of the optional features for the Home Master. In terms of efficiency and output, I think the Home Master “Fast Flo RO” technology produces more water more rapidly than the Waterdrop product but the Waterdrop has a larger capacity and better technology.

Aquasana OPTIMH20 RO System


Another competitor worth investigating is the Aquasana OPTIMH2O system. Priced lower than the Home Master systems, the Aquasana product has a lot of positive comments from homeowners and office managers regarding its easy installation. The warranty is shorter than for the Aquasana products, but the customer service is rated highly by system purchasers. One comment that came through many times was how good the water from the Aquasana system tasted.


What makes the Home Master Reverse Osmosis filtration products truly valuable is the variety of options and level of customization purchasers can achieve. 

Another important consideration is the 5-year warranty and the 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because when a company as old as Home Master backs up their product with a 5-year warranty, they’re confident in the way it’s made and the way it’s going to work.

I think any of the Home Master Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems are a good value for the dollar, for the way they’re built, and for the company that supports them.

Overall, we would recommend Home Master’s RO systems but we would also recommend the Waterdrops G3 model if you’re looking for the best RO system on the market.

You can also see our complete review here of our top RO picks.

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