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Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter Review

By: Craig Smith
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5-Stage Filtration4

No Filter Replacements Necessary5

Stainless-Steel Housing4

No Manual Filling/Good Flow Rate5

Cleanwater4less Setup & Maintenance3

Overall Rating



  • No filter replacements are necessary
  • Makes 10,000-gallons of enhanced water
  • 1 GPM water flow
  • 5-stage filtration


  • Installation is not easy for some
  • Does not fit all types of faucets
  • Well water and dirty water incompatible
  • 7-year filter life is questionable
  • No 3rd party certifications
Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter Review

You may have noticed as you search for the right countertop water filter, there are a lot more choices in these water filtration devices than you would expect.

That makes it a little harder to know which one is the best model for you.

I will continue to help you with that quest by reviewing another one of the better countertop water filters that I have come across. This countertop water filter is known as the Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter.

I like to refer to it as one of the most ‘mysterious’ countertop water filters that we will take a look at.

You will come to find out why as you read on in this Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter review.

Once you have gone over the whole article, you will have learned the good & bad traits of this water filter, its highlight features, and even what others have said about it in reviews.

That should be more than enough information to decide if this product does or doesn’t meet your countertop water filtration needs.

Overview of the Cleanwater4less


This is one of those water filtration devices that almost seems too good to be true. It’s hard to tell for sure because it has no 3rd party certifications and background knowledge on the manufacturer is hard to find.

What it does have going for it is that it’s well-reviewed by those that have used it. In this modern era of the internet, if a product totally bombs you are going to hear about it but that’s not the case with the Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter.

It comes with filter media that the manufacturer states will never have to be changed during this water filter’s 7-year useful life and it has a durable and good-looking stainless-steel shell.

Many of the countertop filters on our best one’s list are gravity-fed water filters; this one is not. It comes with a faucet attachment for filling it up. That makes it a very simple countertop water filter to use.

There also is no wait time for the purified water it produces as it has a fairly good 1 GPM flow rate.


  • No filter replacements are necessary
  • Makes 10,000-gallons of enhanced water
  • 1 GPM water flow
  • 5-stage filtration
  • Stainless-steel housing
  • No manual filling
  • Reduces 97% of chlorine
  • Satisfaction guaranteed product


  • Installation is not easy for some
  • Does not fit all types of faucets
  • Well water and dirty water incompatible
  • 7-year filter life is questionable
  • No 3rd party certifications

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What to Consider Before Buying a Countertop Filter

Many people feel that countertop water filters don’t work so well because of their size or the way they are put together. But that can be very misleading as there is much more to them than meets the eye.

Given that fact, here are the criteria of countertop water filters that you should base your purchasing decision on:

  1. The amount and types of tap water impurities it will reduce or remove
  2. Product and replacement filter cost
  3. Ease of setting it up and maintaining
  4. Filtration flow rate
  5. Water storage capacity if applicable
  6. Size and looks of the unit
  7. How long before filter changes
  8. What 3rd party certifications (ANSI, WQA, NSF) are attached to it?

If you know and consider all of these factors in your countertop water filter purchasing decision, you should be able to buy one that more than adequately meets your needs.

Main Features and Benefits of the Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter


Here are the main features that make buying this countertop water filter a good choice:

5-Stage Filtration

For a smaller countertop unit, it’s interesting to note that it still includes 5-stage filtration. This includes its main filer media layer which consists of high-grade activated carbon. There is also a pre and post sediment catching layer and two depth filter layers.

This is how this water filtration product can reduce up to 97% of the chlorine that passes through it and provide Class I particulate reduction (dirt, sediment, sand). 

No Filter Replacements Necessary

Not only does its filter media work fairly well at reducing chlorine, but it also never needs to be replaced in the 7-year expected lifetime of this product. Some peace of mind comes with knowing that your initial investment will be the last money you spend on your countertop water filter.

Stainless-Steel Housing

I like stainless-steel water filtration products because they look nice and are very easy to wipe down and keep looking good. That’s something that cannot always be said for rigid plastic countertop water filters placed in a kitchen environment. This type of construction should lead to increased product durability too.

No Manual Filling/Good Flow Rate

With some countertop water filters, you have to pour pitchers of water into them and wait for that water to filter into the included storage tank. That’s not the case here thanks to this unit being hooked up to your kitchen sink’s water faucet. The purified water it produces also comes out instantly.

Cleanwater4less Setup & Maintenance

When it comes to countertop water filters, every manufacturer such as this one claims they are easy to set up. That is not entirely true with this model. That’s because it has an attached feed line that needs to connect to the kitchen sink faucet.

Although those with a few standard tools and some mechanical aptitude might find it relatively easy to install, others may not. That’s because it does come with the faucet attachment and several washers and other parts that need to be put together.

You can see what the setup involves in the photo below and decide for yourself.


Maintenance of this water filtration product is extremely simple once it’s set up because it does not need filter replacements as was already mentioned.

Cleanwater4less Social Proof & Review consensus

As is the trend with countertop water filter reviews, most people either love them or hate them. It’s no different with the Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter. But being fair, it’s a pretty positively reviewed product.

Those that like it say that they are impressed with the newfound taste of their tap water. Also mentioned often is this unit’s generous flow rate and how easy it is to use since it attaches to the kitchen faucet.

Drawbacks to this Cleanwater4less water filtration product that are mentioned is it may not be as durable as it looks and some claim that the media occasionally comes out into the purified water that it produces.

Summing Up the Cleanwater4less Countertop Filter

This definitely is an interesting countertop water filter. The thought of never having to change out the filter media or having to fill it up by hand to make enhanced drinking water will most certainly appeal to you.

It’s also lightweight and good-looking and one of the simplest countertop water filters to use once it has been installed.

I must also admit that I am not a big fan of water filtration devices where you cannot periodically change out the filter media. My many years working around swimming pool filters tell me that all types of filters eventually get clogged at least a little and suffer performance-wise over time as a result.

The fact that it has no 3rd party certifications hurts this product in my eyes too.

If indeed it does work for 7-years (or 10,000 gallons) and filters out 97% of chlorine and a few other tap water impurities which many suggest, then it’s not a bad countertop water filter choice for the money.

Check out our countertop water filter review guide and gravity filter review to see other models.

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