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iSpring CKC1C Countertop Filter Review

By: Craig Smith
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5-micron carbon block filtration4.5

Clear housing4

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee4

Overall Rating



  • 5-micron carbon block filtration
  • 99% chlorine removal
  • Line-fed water filter
  • Produces instant purified drinking water
  • Affordable compatible replacement filters


  • Water feed hose position can be bothersome
  • Not recommended for hot water use
  • Does not remove TDS in tap water
  • Initial setup can be a little tricky for some
iSpring CKC1C Countertop Filter Review

When looking to purchase a new countertop water filter, you undoubtedly will come across some models made by iSpring. 

That’s because this is one of the more popular countertop water filters brands on the market.

That is especially true of their best-selling iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filter.

This is why I will take the time to go over in more detail what I like and don’t like about this countertop water filter, its main features, and share with you what others that have purchased it have to say about it.

When you are finished reading my iSpring CKC1C Countertop Filter Review, you just may come to find it checks off many of the boxes that you are looking for in a countertop water filter.

Overview of iSpring CKC1C 

iSpring is a water filtration manufacturer that has a long history of making quality water purification products. 

That’s why it should come as no surprise that I felt the iSpring CKC1C Countertop Filter was worthy of being reviewed and being placed on my list of the best countertop water filters.

It offers the convenience of being a line-fed countertop filter as opposed to being a gravity-fed countertop water filter that has to be filled by hand each day.

There also is no wait time for the water to filter through it and because it has no storage tank it takes up less space.

Its feed line sometimes gets in the way when doing tasks around the kitchen sink but the iSpring CKC1C’s small 5” x 5” x 12” size makes up for that somewhat.

This model countertop water filter also boasts having a coconut carbon filtration media that can eliminate contaminants in water up to 5 microns in size. That includes removing a significant amount of chlorine from your tap water.

While it’s not the simplest countertop water filter to set up, the included installation kit certainly helps. It also has a clear body which allows you to better tell when the filter cartridge needs changing.  


  •  5-micron carbon block filtration
  •  99% chlorine removal
  •  Line-fed water filter
  • Produces instant purified drinking water
  • Affordable compatible replacement filters
  • Included installation kit
  • Clear housing allows periodic filter inspection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year limited warranty
  • Portable enough for RV and camper use


  • Water feed hose position can be bothersome
  • Not recommended for hot water use
  • Does not remove TDS in tap water
  •  Initial setup can be a little tricky for some
  • Does not work on all kitchen sink faucets
  •  No third-party certifications

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What to Consider Before Buying a Countertop Filter

There are several traits of countertop water filters to consider before making your purchase. 

These are the most important ones:

  1. What household water does it remove or reduce?
  2. Its cost and replacement filter cost
  3. Ease of setup and maintenance
  4. The water flow rate through it
  5. Storage capacity (gravity-fed water filters)
  6. Amount of counter space it takes up (size)
  7. Frequency if filter media changes
  8. What 3rd party certifications does it have (ANSI, WQA, NSF)

Main Features and Benefits of the iSpring CKC1C Countertop Filter

These are the traits that I feel make this product worth considering when looking to buy a countertop water filter:

5-Micron Carbon Block Filtration

This is not the best filter media I have seen in a countertop water filter but it certainly has some nice water enhancing qualities. A 5-micron filter will remove many contaminants in tap water such as 99% of the chlorine that is found in many homes’ water supply.

The main filter media consists of popular tightly wound coconut carbon material supported by 4 other filtration stages.

The manufacturer claims that its filter media will also remove iron, atrazine, asbestos, dust, particulate matter, and rust along with helping to keep your tap water’s pH balanced.  

Clear Housing

One of the biggest drawbacks of countertop water filters is they don’t have meters on them or other indicators that tell you when it’s time to replace the filter media in them.

You only can go by the manufacturer’s recommended media replacement schedule (6-months with this filter) and some poor water conditions can severely shorten its filter media’s useful lifespan.

That’s why I like countertop water filters such as this one that has a see-through outer shell that allows for periodic filter inspection.

For those that don’t like the thought of a countertop water filter with a clear housing, this filter also comes with a solid, non-see-through housing, and it’s known as the iSpring CKC1.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I am a big fan of guarantees on products and this countertop water filter comes with a nice 30-day period in which you can check it or get your money back. That takes much of the risk out of buying a countertop water filter.

In addition to the 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s also worth noting that this product comes with a 1-year limited warranty. To me, these both show that this manufacturer has a lot of confidence in this water filtration device’s ability to work as advertised.

iSpring CKC Setup & Maintenance

This is another countertop water filter that does require a little extra effort in its setup because of the feed line that needs to be attached to your kitchen faucet.

Most people will not find that difficult but for some with less mechanical ability, it can pose a challenge.

The included installation kit comes with everything you need to install its feed line on a standard type of kitchen water faucet. This includes a special wrench to loosen its protective cover to help make filter changes easier.

Countertop Filter

Filter cartridge replacement on this model countertop water filter only needs to take place once every six months. That’s about average for a countertop water filter and replacing the filter is very simple to do.

Filter Cartridge  Replacement

It’s also worth noting that compatible replacement filters for the iSpring CKC1C are more affordable than with most countertop water filtration systems. A 4-pack of them can be purchased for under $50.

A single replacement filter cartridge from the manufacturer costs around $38.

Social Proof & Review Consensus

So, what do those that have bought one have to say about the iSpring CKC1C?

Those that rate it highly compliment the taste of the water that it makes, love how compact it is, and how they don’t have to fill it and wait for purified water to drink as they did with their old gravity-fed water filtration systems.  

Some complain that air gets trapped inside of it (most likely won’t severely impact performance), the body O-ring needs to be perfectly aligned to prevent it from leaking, and that a notch or two better filter media would be nice.

A Few Final Thoughts on the iSpring CKC1C Countertop Filter

If you are looking to buy the best countertop water filter that nicely balances price and performance, then this product has got you covered there.

It is best for those that are experiencing finding sediment in their water or their water is impacted by chlorine taste and smell. I like its smaller size and the fact that is line-fed for convenience.

On the downside, I am disappointed that no 3rd-party certifications back up the manufacturer’s filtration claims and the water feed line from the faucet can be a nuisance when performing tasks around your kitchen sink.

Everything considered, it certainly is worthy of a place on our best countertop water filters list.

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