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Aquatru Filter Reviewed

By: David Trinh
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Aquatru Reviews

The AquaTru countertop water filter truly stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Its design and engineering immediately caught my eye because it didn’t look like anything I’d seen previously. The opportunity to try the AquaTru filter unit was very enlightening and enjoyable.

That being said, here are the pros and cons I found about the AquaTru filter system:


  • Digital Display – takes the guesswork out of changing filters by showing you when the filters need replacing
  • Easy Dispensing Button – just a push and pure, clean water flows easily without a messy lever handle or twist knob
  • Screw-in Filters – the easiest way to remove and install filters is to screw them in place securely, ensuring a tight fit and no leaks, unlike other brands of water filters


  • Small Water Tank – 1 gallon capacity
  • Short Filter replacement cycle
  • High Filter cost

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AquaTru’s Filters


The filter elements manufactured by AquaTru come in three designs:

  • Filter #1 and #2 – Pre-filter/Carbon filter is used as the first and second stage filter for removing sediment like dirt, debris, and other suspended contaminants. Chlorine and other toxic chemicals and biological agents are removed as well.
  • Filter #3 – Ultra Reverse Osmosis filter – this filter does the most work eliminating unwanted contaminants using a patented process unlike other Reverse Osmosis filters.
  • Filter #4 – Carbon VOC filter is the final stage for removing any remaining contaminants and giving the water a fresh taste and clear appearance.

About The Company

The AquaTru company is based in Los Angeles, California and is a division of Ideal Living, a company known for successfully inventing and marketing new technologies in health, wellness, and home care. Aquatru’s mission is to provide clean, safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere.

In the filtration product market, the AquaTru product is one of few manufacturers offering their product using plastic components as opposed to stainless steel. The innovative design and ease of installation have made the AquaTru countertop filter system very popular with homeowners and small offices.

Aquatru also has very good customer service so that won’t be an issue if you’re considering purchasing from them.

What to Consider Before Buying Aquatru

While we have an abundance of water available to consume, the problem is knowing what the water contains in the way of contaminants. Tap water quality varies from state to state, county to county, city to city, and even neighborhood to neighborhood. Knowing how good or bad the water you’re drinking is critical if you have health challenges or allergies. The ability to filter water and know its purity can be vital for some people while for others it is a question of peace of mind.

For homeowners and small offices that want better quality water without the hassle of having a system installed, this is a great solution. The countertop design is simple to maintain and easy to use. The clear plastic water tank lets you know when it’s time to refill the water. For high consumption environments like larger offices or larger families, this would not be a good choice due to its limited capacity (1 gallon). 

There are many solutions available for filtering water. Some consumers find filter pitchers and refrigerator tanks adequate while others go through the agony of installing an under-sink filter system. The countertop water purifier by AquaTru is the best for people looking for a simple, cheaper, countertop solution for drinking water.

Aquatru Features & Benefits

I found the features on the AquaTru’s water filter were revolutionary; the designers and engineers know what works and what doesn’t work in filter systems. They came up with some innovative (I think common sense) engineering and design ideas that have taken countertop water filters to the next level.

Patented 4-stage Filtration System 

  • Stage 1 works as a pre-filter and removes sand, dirt, rock, and debris from the water to better enable the remaining filters to their work.
  • Stage 2 is an activated charcoal filter that removes as much as 99% of the contaminants which makes the water drinkable at this point, but there’s more to come.
  • Stage 3 is the Ultra Reverse Osmosis technology filter that removes toxic inorganic contaminants like lead, trace pharmaceuticals, and Chromium-6.
  • Stage 4 is a Coconut shell activated carbon filter that eliminates all toxic organic materials taking the water purity level to 99.9999% pure.

Contaminants Removed

Like all filtration systems, the AquaTru system removes unwanted chemicals, debris, compounds commonly found in water. Contaminants removed are:

  • Lead
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Nitrates
  • PFAs
  • + 78 more contaminants

Digital Display

Talk about easy! No more waiting to see if the filters need replacing by timing the output rate of water from the filters. Other manufacturers make consumers guess about their filter’s efficacy but AquaTru eliminates the guesswork. The Digital Display clearly indicates what condition each filter is in and whether or not it needs to be replaced.

Filter Life

One of the benefits I found with the AquaTru countertop water filter system was the longevity of the filters.

Filter #1 and #2 – Pre/Carbon Filters – these dual-function filters last about 6 months before they need to be replaced.

Filter #3 – Ultra Reverse Osmosis Filter – this filter lasts for two years or 1,200 gallons.

Filter #4 – Carbon VOC Filter – this final filter lasts for one year or 600 gallons.

Easy to Fill Tap Water Tank

Nothing can be simpler than lifting the tap water tank, filling it with water, and putting it back in place. That’s all it takes. No connecting hoses or pouring water from a pitcher into the tank risking a spill or worse. AquaTru also offers additional tap water tanks in case one gets broken or you expect to be filtering lots of water.

Purified Water Tank

What I really like about the AquaTru design is the clear BPS and BPA-free purified water tank. Other products make it difficult to see how much water was available but not the folks at AquaTru. The purified water tank sits right in front so it’s easy to see and to remove if you want to chill the water in the refrigerator.

Easy Dispensing Button

This feature is really handy when you want a drink of water and you’ve got a glass in one hand and a newspaper in the other. No slippery levers or handles to maneuver, just a simple push button. Even better is the way the tap shuts off completely so water doesn’t dribble out on the counter when I pull my glass away!

Elevated Water Tap

By raising the height of the tap, the engineers at AquaTru made dispensing the water so much better. Some competitive products leave the dispensing tap at the very bottom of the system, requiring a special stand for the filter to sit upon or keeping the filter at the front edge of the counter where it can be knocked over by kids.


My counters have enough items on them and I appreciate the smaller footprint the AquaTru unit has. Only 14 inches deep, 12 inches wide, and 14 inches tall, it fits under the kitchen cabinets and takes up very little space on the countertop. The clean lines and overall appearance add class to my kitchen.

High-level Purity

The contaminants affecting water vary from location to location, but there are some toxic nasties that nobody wants. AquaTru has engineered its filtration process to achieve the same level of purity as the major bottled-water producers like AquaFina™ and others. That means keeping what you don’t want out and keeping what you do want in your drinking water. 


I might list it here last but it is often the first thing consumers consider when purchasing a water filtration system – taste. Many filter manufacturers put chemicals in their filters to enhance the flavor and taste of the filtered water. AquaTru filters do such a great job removing contaminants that they state their customers get ”The Best Water You’ve Ever Tasted Or Your Money Back”.

AquaTru Cost and Warranty

The price for AquaTru’s countertop filter system is $449 and includes the first set of 4 filter cartridges. The cost of the unit is higher than other competitive products and less than others for a stand-alone countertop system. 

The company offers a 30-day No-Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty.

What The Public Thinks About Aquatru

The fact is a lot of people have found the AquaTru countertop water filter to be just the ticket for them and their families. Office workers and homeowners alike have been talking up the benefits and value of the AquaTru water filter for a long time. Here are just a couple of the comments I thought were particularly revealing:

★★★★★ – Customer Reviewer – “Great Tasting Water! We have really enjoyed having the AquaTru! We use the water for everything from cooking to even our pets. The water tastes amazing and is comparable to the purified water we used to buy from Whole Foods. Definitely a time saver.”

★★★★★ – Customer Reviewer – “Great water – easy to use system! I’m lucky enough to work for an industrial water company so I have several meters and instruments in my demo case that I’ve used to test the water, and it cleans exactly as well as it says!”

★★★★★Customer Reviewer – “Best tasting water – no more buying bottled. Love the convenience of not having to buy cases of bottled water. It’s easy to have good tasting water on tap.”

How Does Aquatru Compare to Alternatives

AquaTru vs Berkey 

Another manufacturer of water filter systems is the Berkey™ company. The countertop water filter systems Berkey makes follow the same design and engineering coming in sizes from 1.5 gallons up to 6 gallons. There are some differences between the two products which should be noted:

ContainerPlasticStainless Steel
Removes FluorideYesOptional
Warranty1 year6 months
Power TypeElectricalGravity-feed
Flow Rate4 - 5 gallons per hour3.5 gallons per hour (2 filters)

These two filter systems use different filtration processes to achieve their goal with the AquaTru system using a Reverse Osmosis filtration process and the Berkey using a more conventional filtration method. Berkey offers water filter systems in sizes from 1.5 gallons to 6 gallons to meet a variety of usage demands.

Berkey sells their filtration products at a lower cost compared to the AquaTru product. Other than some design differences, I find the Berkey 1.5 gallon capacity system is a better value when it comes to price. See our detailed comparison of Aquatru vs Berkey here.

Check out Berkey

AquaTru Vs Waterdrop

The Waterdrop company manufactures a variety of filtration products from refrigerator water system filters to water filter pitchers, countertop systems, and under-sink systems. The company employs Reverse Osmosis technology to purify water. The Waterdrop system is an in-line system and can be installed above or under the sink. It is not portable.

Removes FluorideYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
Power TypeElectricalWater Pressure
Flow Rate4 - 5 gallons per hourContinuous flow

The Waterdrop filtration product is designed to be installed by attaching to existing water lines. In some cases, this may require a plumber’s assistance. This is a good system for consumers or offices in hard-water and/or rural areas. There is no need to refill water tanks or wait for water to filter before drinking which makes the Waterdrop system more convenient. Waterdrop continuous-flow countertop filtration systems start at $289 for a 400 gallon/day system.

Check out Waterdrop

Whole House Water Filter Systems

Another option available is to install a whole house filtration system instead of a countertop water filter.

For improved convenience and higher-volume use, homeowners and office managers may want to use a water filtration system for all the sink faucets and taps throughout the property. Here are some factors to consider before diving into a whole-house system:


  • Ease of Use – nothing is easier than turning on a tap and getting purified water out immediately.
  • Safety – regardless of source that makes parents feel better about kids drinking from different faucets and taps.
  • Mineral Build-up – water lines and pipes have much less mineral scaling and buld-up increasing the water line service life.


  • Filter Changes – many systems require frequent filter changes which can result in a much higher cost to maintain the system.
  • Water Waste – while countertop water filters do produce a small amount of wastewater (undrinkable residue from the filtration process) many whole-house systems waste 4 gallons of water for every usable gallon of water they produce, increasing utility costs significantly.
  • Bad Taste – Whole-house systems using salt-based water softening products can make the water taste salty as well as affect the taste of prepared foods and other consumables.

In general, whole-house water filtration costs more than a stand-alone filter system due to the installation costs and maintenance costs over time. If you just want a countertop drinking water filter, Aquatru or Berkey is best. If you want a whole house system that filters all the water then check out our whole house filter review.

The Final Analysis

The AquaTru water filter is a good product with some unique features that I thought were pretty cool. 

However, when compared to other competitive products available today, the price and the limited amount of capacity make this product less valuable than others in my opinion. While I do like the raised tap that makes it easier to dispense water and the see-thru plastic water tank, I find the price to be more than I’m willing to pay.

Overall because of those reasons we would recommend the Berkey for a countertop water filter or a Waterdrop model for an inline filter.

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