Ultimate Guide to Desalination

Ultimate Guide to Desalination The cost of using plants is another factor preventing us from using desalinated ocean water more often. On average, a desalination plant uses 15,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per one million gallons of water it produces. The cost of using desalination plants is not only monetary. During the process, ocean life and other small … Read more

Guide to Home Water Testing

Guide to Home Water Testing Always a good idea to test your home water anyway Even if the water comes back clean after each test, it’s valuable for a property owner to continue testing routinely. That way, a consistent record of the property’s water quality is available. For example, as time passes, things like lead … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Well Water Treatment

Ultimate Guide to Well Water Treatment Where does water come from in a well? Well water pumps from groundwater sources. These groundwater sources include natural underground springs and porous water-bearing formations. There are three different ways wells can get water. What’s the difference between well water and city water? You might have lived your entire … Read more

Guide to Filtering Contaminated Water for Drinking

How to Filter ContaminatedWater for Drinking Guide Why Water Purification is Necessary Purifying water is critical during an emergency to ensure bacteria and other microorganisms aren’t present. That way, the water you’re bathing with, or drinking won’t make you sick. Depending on how polluted the water is that you need to purify, you may need … Read more

Global Water Crisis By the Numbers

Global Water Crisis By the Numbers Water is essential for most of our basic needs — like washing, cooking, and growing food. As the human population grows, the need for clean water around the world increases, but its availability is actually shrinking. Today: What Is the Global Water Crisis? Source Since the 1990s, leaps forward … Read more