Best Water Charities Helping The Global Water Crisis

We all need access to clean and safe water. No matter if it’s for bathing, cooking, or drinking, water plays a critical role in all of our lives. Few think about how we need clean and safe water to grow food, hydrate livestock, and operate machinery. Nearly one-quarter of our world’s population suffers from the global … Read more

Guide to Choosing a Home Tap Water Filter

So you need a water filter for your home or apartment and are trying to decide which device is best for you. You’ve come to the right place. After all, water is a universal solvent that can contain lots of impurities and if you don’t have an effective filter to produce clean water at home … Read more

Common Water Contaminants & How Water Becomes Contaminated

Inorganic Chemicals & Byproducts of Corrosion Inorganic chemicals are rarer and usually founder in smaller quantities of drinking water but they can be very toxic. Byproducts of corrosion can come from pipes or other fixtures that transport water to your home. Arsenic Enters groundwater through erosion or from man made sources like petroleum production or … Read more

History of Water Treatment

What History Shows us About Water Treatment What we can tell by looking at a brief history of water treatment and technology is that the current water sanitation conditions in the developed world are much better than they were 100’s of years ago when they weren’t aware of microbial contamination and didn’t know how to … Read more

Water Treatment Product Performance Claims & Certification

Water Treatment Product Performance Claims & Certification Does a Product Absolutely Need Certification to be Reliable? In some of our reviews, you may find that a recommended product doesn’t specifically have an NSF 42, 44, 53, or other certification associated with it. You may be wondering, shouldn’t all the top products be certified? In a … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Desalination

The cost of using plants is another factor preventing us from using desalinated ocean water more often. On average, a desalination plant uses 15,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per one million gallons of water it produces. The cost of using desalination plants is not only monetary. During the process, ocean life and other small creatures can get sucked … Read more