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RKIN Water Softener Reviews 

By: Craig Smith
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RKIN Water Softener Reviews

While RKIN is not one of the most popular names in the marketplace when it comes to water softeners, it does manufacture good quality models that are worth looking at in your search for a new one. 

That’s why I felt it was important to review RKIN water softeners. You will get enough information from me in these reviews to decide if an RKIN water softening system is right for you or if the brand has piqued your interest enough to take a closer look at its available models.

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 About RKIN 

RKIN is a veteran company as far as water filtration goes that is based out of Fort Myers, FL. They are known for making many different types of water filtration and treatment products. This includes water softeners, under-sink drinking water filters, and many types of whole-house filters.

While I like what my research tells me about the quality of RKIN water softeners, they are high-end units, and the company focuses more on combination water filtration and softening packages as opposed to just salt-based and salt-free water softeners. Their sales are almost entirely proprietary, and the company is heavy into late-night TV ads.

RKIN Water Softeners Reviewed

Here is a comparison chart of the main RKIN water softener models:

Best Used ForModelKey FeaturesCost
2 size versions with the largest being able to handle homes with up to 10 occupants and 7 bathroomsSalt-Based Water Softener System
  • Excellent hard water mineral removal system
  • 3rd party-certified parts
  • Sophisticated Bluetooth-enabled control valve
  • Lifetime warranty on major components
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4 size versions with the largest being able to handle homes with up to 10 occupants and 7 bathroomsOnliSoft Salt-Free Water Softener System
  • Scale preventing hard water mineral conditioning
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit or combined with other water filters
  • Comes with a sediment filter
  • Lifetime warranty on major components
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Best used in conjunction with other canister-based whole-house filtration stagesRKIN PPH & CBS Salt-Free Softener
  • Not stand-alone systems
  • Less expensive canister-based hard water conditioning
  • Work well for city water
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4 size versions with the largest being able to handle homes with up to 10 occupants and 7 bathroomsRKIN Combo Softener and Filter Systems
  • Includes carbon filtration
  • Limescale preventing Hard Water mineral conditioning
  • Comes with a sediment filter
  • Lifetime warranty on major components
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RKIN Salt-Based Water Softener Review


This RKIN salt-based water softener can just about go pound for pound with the best ones made. They are durable, have sophisticated Bluetooth controls, and come with lifetime tank and valve warranties. Not to mention, these softeners do a great job removing hard water minerals.

They come in 2 size versions with the largest being able to handle homes with up to 10 occupants and 7 bathrooms.  

RKIN Salt-Free Water Softener Review


These are stand-alone whole-house water softeners that also make nice additions to and whole-house water filtration setup. They provide very good scale preventing hard water mineral conditioning and each system also comes with a clog-preventing sediment filter. Also featured with these salt-free water softener models is a lifetime warranty on major components.

They come in 4 size versions with the largest being able to handle homes with up to 10 occupants and 7 bathrooms.

RKIN PPH & CBS Salt-Free Softener Reviews


These are canister-based salt-free water softener models that are made to be used as a component of a whole-house water filtration system. They will do a nice job of preventing limescale formation on plumbing fixtures but will not remove hard water minerals, they only ‘condition’ them. I am not a big fan of canister-based whole-house water filtration systems because they tend to require much maintenance and periodic additional expenses.

They do offer the advantage of being less expensive than stand-alone salt-free water conditioners. These systems work well for city water but may struggle when placed on a well water filtration system.

RKIN Combo Softener and Filter Systems


This is what RKIN calls its OnliSoft Pro Salt-Free Water Softener and Whole House Carbon Filter System. While it’s a system that can eliminate chlorine from tap water and prevent scale, salt-free water softeners only ‘condition’ hard water minerals as opposed to removing them. It features the same salt-free water softener that was the second item reviewed above. So, while this system will improve home drinking water’s aesthetics (smell, taste, color) and make it healthier to consume, some hard water mineral-related problems may still linger.

This system also cannot be used on homes with a high iron content or poor quality well water (They do make a combo system that can handle well water softening and filtration, there is also a whole house filter and salt-based water softener combo). It comes in 4 size versions that can accommodate the water filtration needs of homes with up to 10 occupants and 7 bathrooms.

RKIN Customer Service and Guarantees

There is not a lot of information on RKIN’s customer service. That could be because they are not as widely sold as some other water-softening brands. It also could be the case where no news is good news because if a model water softener gets many reviews done on it, people are more moved to do negative reviews than positive ones.  

I will also say that RKIN’s water softener warranties are right up there with the best in the industry. It’s simply impossible to beat a lifetime warranty on the main components of a softener system.

RKIN Water Softener Problems

Once again, my research did not reveal a wide range of complaints or consistent problems with RKIN water softeners. They are among the best-made units out there.  This is one area when you are looking at this brand that you do not have to be too concerned with: especially with a lifetime warranty.

How Does RKIN Compare to Competitors

RKIN vs Culligan

While Culligan and RKIN are very comparable water softener brands, I do not like the way that Culligan is so secretive about its products’ pricing and attributes. The company does everything possible to get a sales rep into your home and put pressure on you to buy. So, for me, it’s an easy choice to go with an RKIN water softener as they are very forthcoming about their water softener pricing and characteristics.

RKIN vs Aquasana

 Aquasana is one of the top-rated salt-free water softener brands in the marketplace but RKIN’s salt-free water softeners are right up there with them. RKIN’s salt-based water softeners will greatly outperform Aquasana’s salt-free water softeners. That’s because salt-free water softeners only condition hard water minerals and salt-based systems almost completely remove calcium, magnesium, and other problematic hard water minerals.

RKIN vs Springwell

Very few water softener models can match what Springwell water softeners have to offer. But I will say RKIN comes close. They are built well, have the same lifetime warranty, and are also pricey. The bottom line is that when all the boxes are displayed and checked, Springwell water softeners still come out on top. That’s why that brand is our top-rated softener.

Follow this link if you want to check out Springwell’s salt-based water softener system.


I really have no problem recommending RKIN water softeners. They are well-built, perform well, and come with an excellent guarantee. That includes both the company’s salt-free and salt-based water softening options. I will also say that you can probably get the same level of performance from a lower-priced water softening system and the fact that sales of these are mostly proprietary usually means the prices are inflated with no wiggle room. For me, that puts this brand a notch below the best water softeners that are made.

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