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Rainsoft Water Softener Reviews

By: Craig Smith
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Rainsoft Water Softener Reviews

If you’re looking to get rid of the hard water minerals in your tap water and are wondering if Rainsoft is the right brand you’re in the right place.

As you have probably found out by now, sifting through all the available water softener choices is not easy. 

That’s why here I am going to help you simplify your search by doing some reviews on the salt-based ion exchange water softeners that are made by Rainsoft Water Systems. These Rainsoft reviews will help you better determine if one of their water-softening models may be the best softener for you.

About Rainsoft 

Rainsoft is a company that is headquartered in Roselle, IL which is located just outside of Chicago. The company was established in 1953 by John Grayson who initially ran its operation from the basement of his house. That’s a far cry from the state-of-the-art facility the company opened in 2016 where they now make their water filtration systems. Besides water softeners, they also produce drinking water filtration systems, combined carbon and reverse osmosis water filtration systems, whole-house filter for air purification, and some other water filtration products.

As I will explain as this review goes on, I don’t think Rainsoft readily discloses enough information about its water-softening products. This includes information on the capacities of its water-softening units, their best uses, and the price. 

They make this information proprietary; it will only be given out by a company rep as part of a sales pitch during a free in-home water consultation. 

For me, that would make me more than just a little hesitant to take the time to further explore the possibility of purchasing a Rainsoft water system for softening water.

Rainsoft Water Softeners Reviewed

Here is a comparison chart for the different Rainsoft salt-based water softeners:

Our Best Guess on Its UseModelHighlight FeaturesOur Best Guess on the Price
Homes with 5 or more occupants and 4 or fewer bathroomsRainsoft EC5
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote low salt and maintenance alerts
  • Uses efficient ion-exchange hard water mineral removal
  • Built-in fail-safe features
  • Has third-party testing certifications
  • Smart controlled upgraded version is available (EC5-CAB)
$1,800 + installed
Homes with 3 to 5 occupants 3 bathrooms or lessRainsoft EC4
  • Uses efficient ion-exchange hard water mineral removal
  • Basic Electronic Control System
  • Has third-party testing certifications
  • Built-in fail-safe features
$1,300 + installed
Homes with 1 to 3 occupants and 2 bathrooms or lessRainsoft TCM
  • Uses efficient ion-exchange hard water mineral removal
  • Basic Electronic Control System
  • Can fit in smaller places such as garages and utility rooms
  • Has third-party testing certifications
  • Built-in fail-safe features
$1,100 + installed

Common Highlight Features

Here are some Rainsoft water softener traits that apply to all their models:

  • Efficient salt-based systems – As with all salt-based ion exchange water softening models, you can’t beat them when it comes to making soft water. It’s the most efficient way to remove the largest amount of hard water minerals from drinking water. They can be made even more impactful with the addition of other whole house filter systems.
  • Very good warranties – See below!
  • Several Fail-Safe Features – although the company does not describe the material its water softeners are constructed with, they do boast about its water softening products having several ‘fail-safe’ features. This includes brine floats with overflow protection, self-cleaning control valves, a built-in battery backup that can save critical program data, and fail-safe tank-within-a-tank designs.
  • Independent Third Party Tested – One aspect of its products that Rainsoft does openly share is that most have undergone rigorous third-party testing. That’s true of their water-softening choices too. According to the company website, attached to them are such respected certifications as those from the Water Quality Association (WQA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and NSF.

Rainsoft Water Softener model EC5

Rainsoft Water Softener model EC5

This is the most sophisticated of Rainsoft’s water softeners, but like all its other water softeners, it’s very hard to do a thorough Rainsoft water softener review on it because of a lack of information. As best as we can tell here at Water Tech Advice, it is made to be used in homes with 5 or more occupants and 4 or fewer bathrooms. What sets it apart from other Rainsoft water softeners is that it is Wi-Fi enabled. This allows for alerts on your phone when the salt is low, or when the unit needs servicing.

You should also be aware that there is an upgraded model for Rainsoft’s EC5 water softener which is designated the EC5-CAB. It’s a fully smart controlled unit that has a bigger control menu selection than the EC5 which will allow you to better customize your water softening tasks. This includes improved water usage monitoring and optimal salt or potassium chloride calculations. It’s a feature that will also cut down on maintenance and help save money when making softened water.

Our estimated price installed: $1,800 +

Extra costs for the EC5-CAB version should come to around $300

Rainsoft Water Softener model EC4

Rainsoft Water Softener model EC4

Here is a Rainsoft water softener review that is about one of the companies two more basic water-softening products (the other being the TCM model which is gone over next). It has no frills but does a nice job of removing hard water minerals so they will not cause problematic limescale. Our best guess on its use is that it can be used to make softer water in homes with 3 to 5 occupants and 3 bathrooms or less. In addition to the above-mentioned traits that are common to Rainsoft water softeners, it also features simple electronic controls.  

Our estimated price installed: $1,200 +

Rainsoft Water Softener model TCM

Rainsoft Water Softener model TCM

This is Rainsoft’s version of a space-saving water softener. It features a single tank design which allows it to be placed in smaller areas such as in washrooms, utility closets, and single-car garages. It also features basic electronic controls and the above-mentioned Rainsoft water softener overall traits. We feel it would be ok to use it in homes with 1 to 3 occupants and 2 bathrooms or fewer.

Our estimated price installed: $1,000 +

Rainsoft Customer Service and Guarantees

All indications are that as secretive as Rainsoft is about its water-softening products specs, its customer service department is well thought of by purchasers. This is also a big reason why this company is a BBB A+ rated business.

One of Rainsoft’s line of salt-based water softeners’ best features is the warranty that comes with them. This includes having a limited lifetime warranty. It applies to the brine tank (salt tank), resin tank, control valve, and all electronic parts. It’s a warranty that is as good or better than many water softeners that are found in the home marketplace.  

Rainsoft Water Softener Problems & Scams

Of all the water-softening products that I have sought information on to do reviews, those I have to do a Rainsoft water softener review on are by far the hardest to find concrete information on. I would go as far as to say it’s the most mysterious water-softening brand I have ever reviewed. They do not even have photos of some of their water softeners and control heads on the description pages of the company website. I already mentioned that they also don’t readily disclose the capacities of their water softener units and their best uses.

You will also have a very hard time finding out the exact pricing on Rainsoft’s water softening systems as they are only sold by dealers. Even though they are also sold at Home Depot, that company’s website will not quote a price for them either. It almost seems to be a company policy not to readily give this information out unless it’s done in person by one of their reps during a free in-home water consultation.

This may be something that you don’t want to waste time on if their water softeners are not in your determined budget range. An in-home visit by one of their reps may also put more pressure on you to buy right away. These things I am just not comfortable with as it seems like a little bit of shady business practice to me.

Would I go as far as to say that this is part of Rainsoft scams? No, that’s not the case and not all the reviews that have been done on Rainsoft’s water softening models are unfavorable and it is a BBB A+ rated manufacturer. But the way the company goes about selling its water softeners and keeping its pricing less transparent certainly lends itself to customers overpaying for one of Rainsoft’s water softening units.     

How Does Rainsoft Compare to Competitors

Here is a quick comparison of Rainsoft water softening models to some other brands that we have reviewed:

Rainsoft vs Aquasana

 Of these two systems, a Rainsoft water softener will do the better job at preventing limescale and the many hard water-related problems that go along with that. That’s because the biggest difference between them is that Rainsoft softeners use a salt-based ion exchange process as opposed to Aquasana’s products which are known as water conditioners. Water conditioners do not remove hard water ions, they only ‘condition’ them in a way that inhibits their ability to form scale.

Aquasana products are also made in the UK and Rainsoft is an American manufacturer.

Rainsoft vs Springwell

Even if I had full disclosure from Rainsoft about all the traits of its different water softening models, I highly doubt any of them would rate as highly as a Springwell salt-based water softener. Any type of Springwell water filter tends to be elite in every way and their water softeners are no exception.  You can judge for yourself after you check out the features of Springwells salt-based water softeners and then compare that with what you just read in this review.


A Rainsoft water softener seems like it’s not a bad product, but I certainly can’t put them in a category with the best water softeners that we have reviewed here on Water Tech Advice. 

I really like the warranty that comes with them, their customer service team’s reputation, how simple they are to use, and how many reviews state they are salt-based ion exchange water softening products that work fairly well. 

If this company was just a little more forthcoming with photos, in-depth information (such as water usage, construction materials, grain capacities), and the price regarding its water softeners, I might even be able to recommend them. I just can’t do that with the current way Rainsoft is less than transparent with some of the important information regarding its water softeners. This is a dealbreaker for me because it does not allow for thorough comparison shopping.

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