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Aquasure Water Softener Reviews (Harmony Series)

By: Craig Smith
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Aquasure Water Softener Reviews

As you continue your search for a quality water softener, those made by a company called Aquasure certainly are worth taking a closer look at. This is especially true of this company’s Harmony Series water softener with fine mesh. They do a great job of eliminating many hard water-related issues such as limescale formation, rust stains, premature corrosion of pipes, and dry skin & hair conditions. 

The following Aquasure water softener reviews will go into important details on these products, so you can decide if one of them might be the right water softener choice for you.

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About Aquasure 

When it comes to water-softening products, I like looking for those that are made by companies that have been in business for a long time. That’s because longevity shows a company consistently offers quality products. Experienced companies also tend to have improved their products through years of trial and error.

 Aquasure has those two traits well-covered as it has been making water filtration products for over 25 years. They not only have a solid reputation when it comes to water softeners, but they also make quality whole-house water filtration systems and under-sink water filters.   

As you read over these reviews, you will come to learn that Aquasure water softeners stand up very well to the competition in many areas. This includes having very favorable pricing for all that you get when you purchase them. Some areas of concern include warranties that seem to cover a shorter period than some comparable brands, but for me, it’s not long enough to be a dealbreaker (2-year warranties as opposed to 3-5-year warranties) for the savings off the purchase price. Especially since they have a very sturdy resin and brine tank (salt tank). 

Aquasure Water Softeners Reviewed

Aquasure Water Softener

Here is a quick comparison of the different Aquasure water softener models that are available:

#1 Aquasure AS-HS64FM
  • Programmable control head
  • Treats water that has less than 64,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron
  • Easy Setup
#2 Aquasure AS-HS48FM
  • Programmable control head
  • Treats water that has less than 48,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron
  • Easy Setup
#3 Aquasure AS-HS32FM
  • Programmable control head
  • Treats water that has less than 32,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron
  • Easy Setup
#4 Aquasure AS-HL34A
  • Programmable control head
  • Treats water that has less than 34,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron
  • Space-saving design

Aquasure Harmony Series Water Softener Highlight Features

Here are the main features that you will get with any model Aquasure Harmony Series water softener that you purchase:

  • Well-designed ion-exchange-based water softening systems – The most effective water softeners are those that use salt-based water softening systems and that’s exactly how the Harmony line of Aquasure water softeners work. They will lessen or altogether eliminate scale formation, surface spotting, rust stains, and the dry skin & hair conditions that are thought to be caused by hard water. Includes a sturdy resin tank and brine tank.
  • Aquatrol Digital Control Head – Aquasure claims that its Harmony Series water softener models are very easy to operate and the advanced control head that comes with them is one of the reasons why. These are on-demand type house water softener system that can be programmed to run only after a specific amount of water has passed through them. This saves water, salt, and electricity.
Aquasure Features
  • Easy setup – An Aquasure whole house water softener is as close to a plug-and-play water softener setup as you can get. That’s because the company has included a setup kit that comes with the purchase of every water softener that makes installation a snap. The kit includes a thin-profile digital flow meter, high strength 1” bypass valve, a 1” yoke, and brine tank & drain tubing. If you have even a small amount of plumbing knowledge, you can probably set up any Aquasure Harmony water softener model yourself.
  • Offer upgradable Water Softening Options – Aquasure water softeners can easily be combined with whole-house water filters, reverse osmosis systems, and other specialty water filters to provide super impactful household water purification.

Aquasure 64000 Grain Water Softener

The Aquasure AS-HS64FM is the biggest salt-based ion-exchange water softener that the company makes. It is specifically made for larger water-softening applications where there are many bathrooms and occupants present (4-6 bathrooms and 7 or more household members). It can handle water-softening situations where less than 64,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron are found in your water source.

One thing to be aware of with this model water softener is that it will take a little bit of space to set up. That’s because it’s a large two-tank (brine and resin tanks) water softener setup.

Aquasure 48000 Grain Water Softener

If you own a midsize home that has 5 or fewer occupants, the Aquasure AS-HS48FM is a water softener model that is worth checking out. It can provide effective limescale formation prevention and significantly lessen the worry that other bothersome hard water conditions cause. 

The hard water mineral removal it offers works well for water conditions where there are less than 32,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron in homes with 2-4 bathrooms and 5 or fewer household members. 

Aquasure 32000 Grain Water Softener

 For smaller homes that are looking for an impactful but inexpensive whole house water-softener, the Aquasure AS-HS32FM will do nicely in most instances. It works well for homes that have

fewer bathrooms and 3 or fewer household members. This whole house water softener only works for a water supply where there are less than 34,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron present. It can also be used in townhomes, apartments, and condos, but for those situations, the Aquasure AS-HL34A All-in-One Cabinet Softener that is reviewed next may be a better choice. 

Aquasure 34000 Grain All in One Cabinet Softener

Aquasure 34000 Grain

With the Aquasure AS-HL34A all-in-one cabinet water softener, there is no reason why even those who own or rent small homes, townhomes, apartments, or condos can’t enjoy the benefits that having sifter water offers. Both this model’s brine tank and resin tank are fully encapsulated in a space-saving design that is small enough to be kept out of the way in garages and laundry rooms. It’s a water softener that effectively treats water that has less than 34,000 grains of hardness and 10 ppm of iron in living spaces with 1-2 bathrooms or 3 or fewer household members. 

The only setup involved with it is putting it in place, adding salt, and plugging it in. As a bonus, it even comes with an Aquasure Fortitude V2 Series Triple-Purpose Pre-Filter. 

Aquasure Customer Service and Guarantees

After a thorough search of customer reviews, I found very few complaints concerning Aquasure’s customer service. As a matter of fact, reviews that mentioned the company’s customer service were mostly very favorable. Thie customer service was also said to be very helpful with questions on Aquasure water softener use.

On the downside, Aquasure’s water softener warranties tend to be on the industry low side at only two years in duration. More typical are 3, 5, or even lifetime warranties. They do however offer inexpensive extended warranties that will take the original warranty out until 5 years.

How Does Aquasure Compare to Competitors

Here at Water Tech Advice, we have taken a closer look at many different brands of water softeners. Here is how Aquasure Harmony Series water softeners compare to the other top-brand water softeners that we have reviewed. 

Aquasure vs Springwell 

Make no mistake about it, pound for pound, an Aquasure Harmony Series water softener holds up well against the competition when comparing similar grain water softeners. Is it the best salt-based water softener we have reviewed? No, because some other salt-based water softener systems perform slightly better, but you will pay more for them too. One of those is the Springwell line of salt-based water softener systems; a line of water softeners that is definitely worth checking out.   

Each of these brands offers very efficient ion-exchange water softening thanks to well-designed dual-tank systems that have programmable control heads, a digital flow meter and on-demand salt regeneration. Both also come with setup kits that make them very easy to connect the salt tank, bypass valve, and do the rest of the installation. 

One of the main differences between Aquasure Harmony Series water softeners and Springwell water softeners is the Springwell system’s longer lifetime warranty. The Springwell system also is rated higher and has more certified components.

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Aquasure vs Aquasana 

I believe it’s not fair to compare these two types of water softener brands. That’s because the Aquasure Harmony series is a very reputable line of salt-based water softeners and equally reputable Aquasana products are more commonly referred to as salt-free water conditioners. 

While Aquasure water softeners will remove most of the hard water-causing minerals, Aquasana salt-free water conditioners are only designed to alter hard water minerals molecules to inhibit these minerals’ ability to form scale.

 One other reason that some people prefer Aquasure over Aquasana water softeners is that Aquasure products are made in the USA while Aquasana products are manufactured in the United Kingdom.


If you decide that an Aquasure water softener is right for you, it’s a purchase that I don’t think you can go wrong with. They work well, take little maintenance to operate, and have easily programmable controls to automate the process. This line of water softeners has proven to be an effective means of softening most sources of city water and even well water that’s iron content is not too high (less than 10 ppm). You will probably even save yourself a little money as opposed to purchasing another name-brand water-softening product.

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