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Where to Buy Alkaline Water

By: Craig Smith
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Where to Buy Alkaline Water

Ok, so you have weighed all the good and bad that’s related to drinking alkaline water and you have decided that drinking it is the right choice for you.

That’s not surprising as millions around the world have made the exact same choice and are now trying to reap the health benefits that consuming alkaline water is supposed to offer.

Researchers found high pH water helps better control high blood pressure, provides a way to get important electrolytes into your body faster, and offers other health benefits. 

Alkaline water is thought to have a smoother taste than regular tap water too and may keep you hydrated better. It may also counter the effects of having high acidity in certain areas of the body.  

Now you only have one step left to do. That’s figuring out a good place to buy the alkaline water that you desire.

You have several choices in which to do this. I have put together a list of the most common ways to purchase alkaline water.

Where Can You Buy Alkaline Water?


Here are the top ways to purchase water that falls into the alkaline range on the pH scale.         

1. Online

As with many products these days, you don’t even have to leave home to buy alkaline water. That’s because it can be conveniently purchased right online. Online users will find they have many choices in quality water with an increased alkalinity. 

All with the added convenience of not going out to the market and not having to worry about high gas prices.  

Just by doing a quick search on Amazon, you will find alkaline water brands such as ‘essential’ that is infused with electrolytes


and another brand called Alkaline88 which has added healthy Himalayan minerals.


So, shopping online is an easy way to get the alkaline water that you desire.

2. Health Foods Store


You would be hard-pressed these days if you lived in a sizable city to not be able to find a health food market near you. Chances are there will even be several to choose from.

These are great places to do such things as find sugar, salt, and gluten-free products along with totally organically grown and hormone-free products.

Many of these stores specialize in healthy foods and beverages and are now also starting to carry a wide selection of different types of alkaline water.

3. Liquor Store


Here is one of the more unusual ways to obtain the alkaline water that you desire to drink. Yes, you may be able to find it at your local liquor store.

That’s because people tend to drink less alcohol these days, which has forced liquor store owners to consider other options to keep sales high.    

So a customer can not only purchase their favorite alcoholic beverage here, they can also buy water with increased alkalinity. 

Among these options are sections that carry water with special characteristics much as a water store does. Given that, you may just be able to find a few different brands of alkaline water in which to choose from too.

So a customer can not only purchase their favorite alcoholic beverage here, they can also buy water with increased alkalinity. 

4. Make Your Own Purchasing A Water Ionizer

Many people choose to make their own alkaline water. This takes all the hassle out of looking for different sources to buy it from.

There are several ways that you can choose to do this.

Those choices include buying a water filter pitcher that has a special filter cartridge for making alkaline water or adding a stage to your whole house or point of use filter that makes your water more alkaline.

These are great choices, but they leave too many unknowns as far as just how alkaline the water they produce is. Added to this how questionable it is that they produce alkaline water at a consistent pH.

So, what’s the best solution when it comes to making your own alkaline water? The answer to that question is to purchase a quality water ionizer.

These are devices where you can set them to make alkaline water at a consistent alkaline leaning pH level every time that you go to use them.

They are a little to the pricey side ($1000 to $4000) but in my opinion, they are the best way to experience the health benefits that some suggest you may get from drinking alkaline water.

Let’s take a closer look at the top-rated water ionizer on our list of the best ones, the Ace-13 from Tyent USA.


What is there to like about this product? The list is a lengthy one if you desire to make your own water with a pH in a specific range.

Here is what you can expect to get once you purchase and install the Ace-13:

The ability to consistently make water that tests in the 1.7-12.5 pH Range

It can produce water with a higher ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) which is characteristic of alkaline water

This model water ionizer also can add up to 1.8+ ppm molecular hydrogen

It comes with an outstanding 75-day free trial, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime warranty

The water the Ace-13 produces is 99% pure

It’s designed for high-end kitchen use

The advanced controls it has are motion activated, fully programmable, and even let you choose the amount of alkaline water that you want to make

This product comes with both a flexible water outlet tube and an upgraded drain faucet

So, if you purchase a water ionizer such as this one, it gives you full control over many aspects of the alkaline water that you desire to consume.     

5. Water Store


If you live in an area that is highly populated, then chances are you will have a specialty water store near you.

Yes, that’s right. A store that specializes in mainly providing you with different types of water. It’s not as far-fetched as one might imagine if you stop and think about all the different types of water that are available for purchase.

Among those choices will be vitamin water, flavored water, purified water, and water with added electrolytes. Customers can also purchase water with nutrients, free from potassium, and that have had all toxins removed from it. 

Since drinking alkaline water has become all the rage these days, then it’s reasonable to expect you will be able to buy alkaline water at your nearby water store too.

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