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Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter Review

By: Craig Smith
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Activated Carbon Filtration4.5

Filter Change Indicator Light5

Easy Installation4

Overall Rating



  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Easy installation
  • Filter change indicator light
  • NSF and WQA certified


  • Small 100-gallon filter life
  • Hard plastic body
  • Replacement filter cartridges are pricey

If you are thinking about purchasing a faucet-style water filter, the Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter has probably been on your radar.

Pur has a good reputation in the industry and although this product is not perfect, it certainly doesn’t disappoint either.
That’s especially true when it comes to its advanced filtration.

I will use my many years in the pool and hot tub filtration business to try and clearly explain what I like and don’t like about this product.

This includes going over its benefits and drawbacks, discussing what those who purchased it had to say about it, and I will give you my opinion if it’s worth buying or not.

Overview of the Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter

pur faucet filter

If you purchase this product, you will be buying a faucet-attached water filter that is made by a reputable manufacturer with over 30-years of experience in water filtration.

The manufacturer claims this is the #1 selling faucet water filter according to Nielsen sales data for a 52-week period that ended 5/23/20.

As this Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter Review continues, you will see that I am a fan of this product. Not because it comes at you with an abundance of outstanding features but what nice features it does have are prime factors to consider when deciding which faucet-style water filter to buy.

That includes its activated carbon filter with a bonus mineral layer. I also really like the fact that it comes with an indicator light to let you know when it’s time to change the filter.

Easy installation is also a quality I like in this style of water filtration device and it even comes with NSF and WQA certifications.

It’s not the most attractive faucet-style water filter but it’s not what you would call an eyesore either.

You will hear me complain more than once about its small 100-gallon filter useful life and these will cost you almost $30 a pair when you go to replace them. Its hard-plastic body is not as durable as faucet-attached water filters that have a metal shell.


  • Activated carbon filtration +
  • Easy installation
  • Filter change indicator light
  • The manufacturer has 30-years’ experience in water filtration
  • #1 Selling brand in faucet filtration
  • NSF and WQA certified


  • Small 100-gallon filter life
  • Hard plastic body
  • Big activation handle
  • Plain looking
  • Replacement filter cartridges are pricey

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What to Consider Before Buying a Faucet Type Water Filter

When most people go shopping for a faucet-attached water filter they are mainly looking to get better tasting water that is also purified a little more. That’s a good thing because that’s all these types of water filters are meant to do.

Their main function is to enhance the quality of the tap water that comes into your home if that water is already fairly decent to begin with.

Check out these other types of water filters for a much higher level of water purification.

Here are some questions to ask when you are looking to purchase a faucet-style water filter:

  1. What Contaminants does it remove? Does it do more than just improve the taste and smell of water?
  2. How many gallons can pass through it before you have to change its filter? Is there an indicator that tells when this needs to take place?
  3. What is the level of mechanical aptitude required to install it and does it require tools to do the job?
  4. Does the manufacturer list its flow rate?
  5. What is the cost of the unit and its replacement filters?
  6. Are there any certifications from independent testing agencies that are attached to it?
  7. What’s the filter’s body made out of and how does it hold up under normal wear and tear?
  8. Does it have an appealing color and design?

Main Features and Benefits of the Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Here are some of the main features of this Pur brand faucet water filter.

Activated Carbon Filtration +


This is a faucet-attached water filter that goes above and beyond what most standard water filters with activated carbon filtration can do. That’s because it has what Pur calls its proprietary ‘MineralClear’ core.

The company claims that this will even further enhance water taste over what more typical activated carbon filtration can do.

This faucet-style water filter is NSF and WQA certified to remove 99% of lead and reduce over 70 other contaminants that are commonly found in tap water. On the list of contaminants that are lessened are 96% of mercury and 92% of pesticides.

Filter change indicator light


This for me is a must-have feature on any faucet-style water filter. On the Pur brand faucet water filter, there is a built-in indicator light. It will come on when it’s time to change the filter cartridge on this water filtration device.

The filter change process is also very simple to complete. You can watch how it’s done here.

Installation & Maintenance

As with most faucet attached water filters, this one does not fit all types of faucets. Mainly those with pull-down spray nozzles. But the faucets that it fits on, it will install on very simply.

No tools are required and three adapters come in the package too.

Check out how easy it is to install yourself.

Social Proof & Review consensus

After searching through several reviews on the internet, here is what I have found to be the consensus opinion on this product. To start with, a vast majority of reviewers rate this faucet attached water filter at 4-stars and above. That is a sign of a product that will satisfy most people.

Many of them agree with me that its highlight features are the good water taste that its users get after their tap water passes through its very good filter and how handy the filter change indicator light is to have.

There are some complaints about having lower flow after a few weeks of use and some users have also said that chemicals can harm and dull its surface. Some leaks after several months of use were also randomly indicated.

My Overall Thoughts on the Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter

This is a faucet-attached water filter that does not overwhelm you when it comes to looks or by having a large number of features. With that being said, I think it has two exceptional traits.

First, it has one of the best faucet filters that’s available for any type of faucet water filter in its class. The number of contaminants that it filters out is impressive compared to its peers. If you are looking for more than just good-tasting water, that alone makes this faucet-mounted water filter worth considering.

The second is that it has a filter life indicator light. For me, this is essential to have on any faucet water filter that I would purchase. Otherwise, you are just guessing when the filter in your unit is no longer doing its job.

On the downside, it’s just average in looks and its activation handle may be hard for those with small hands to turn. There also is simply no excuse for Pur to include a pricey water filter with only a 100-gallon useful life.

But I still have to give the Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter a thumbs up because of its two previously-mentioned outstanding features.
They easily trump all of the undesirable characteristics it has.

Check out more details on the Pur Advanced Faucet Water Filter

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