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Pelican Water Softener Reviews

By: Craig Smith
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Pelican Water Softener Reviews

As your search for a new water softener continues, one brand that you certainly don’t want to overlook is those water softening systems that are made by Pelican.

This company has a long history of making quality water softeners that work well and last a long time. Their water softeners also are mostly very highly rated by those that use them.

That’s why I would like to take the time to go over some of the more popular water softening systems that Pelican offers.

This information will include several Pelican water softener review articles, why this company is a good manufacturer to consider buying a softener from, and I will even talk about which model water softeners of theirs that I recommend.

Once you have all of this information, you will be able to better determine if it’s a Pelican brand water softener that you want to purchase.

They are a water softener system manufacturer that has products that do a nice job of making the softened water that we all crave and alleviating the frustrating problems that are associated with having hard water minerals in your household water.

Pelican Water Softeners Compared

Here is a brief overview of the Pelican salt-based water softeners that I will review in this article:   

ModelTypeNumber of Bathrooms SupportedCapacitySystem Flow RatePrice
Salt Based Water Softener SystemsSalt-Based Ion Exchange1 to 633,500; 48,600 or 64,000 Grains12-18 GPMCheck Out
Salt-Free SoftenersTemplate Assisted Crystallization1 to 6Infinite10-15 GPMCheck Out
Salt-Based Softener and Whole House Filter ComboSalt-Based Ion Exchange + Catalytic Carbon Filtration1 to 648,600 or 64,000 Grains12-13 GPMCheck Out
Salt-Free Softener and Whole House Filter ComboTemplate Assisted Crystallization + Catalytic Carbon Filtration1 to 6Infinite8-12 GPMCheck Out

Reviews of Pelican Water Softeners

1. Pelican Salt-Based Water Softener Models


The ability to remove hardness minerals from household water has been around for many decades now. This all started with traditional salt-based water softeners such as these.

These water softeners still use the same time-tested water softening ion-exchange process that their predecessors did. 

The main difference with newer models like the Pelican 35920, 35921, and 35922, is that they now have control heads that automate most of the critical water softening functions.  

The Pelican 35000 series water softeners have been designed using the many decades of water treatment experience that the company has and with their flat black finish will not be an eyesore wherever they are placed.

They offer a whole house water filtration process that even has an electronic control head that’s sophisticated enough to allow you to program in your regeneration cycle frequency or set it to regenerate after a specific number of gallons of clean water has passed through it.

These systems’ on-demand regeneration cycles will also allow you to waste less water when this beneficial cleaning and salt solution replenishment phase is taking place.

There is also a brine injector on each unit that’s designed to be self-cleaning and the valves found throughout the system have rotary disc seals that help extend their useful lives.

The large brine tank opening also makes it very convenient when adding salt to or cleaning the tank.

For as many nice features as a Pelican salt-based system has, there are some concerns that I have found regarding them too.

This includes that like all salt-based water softening systems they produce a fair amount of wastewater, they are higher-end water softeners, and it takes up some space to install.

Other drawbacks include the company’s confusing warranty, the installation of these is not always a simple DIY process, and the company’s convenient and highly recommended salt level sensor is an add-on that’s not included in the package.

It’s also worth noting that although alternative water softening methods have been developed, salt-based water softeners are still the most impactful way to remove hard water causing calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from drinking water.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Pelican salt-based water softening system:


  • Effective salt-based water softening suitable for well water
  • Softens 100% of the water coming into a home
  • On-demand regeneration saves water
  • Electronic Programmable
  • Offers very good flow rates
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Rotary disc seals on valves extend these parts useful lives
  • Brine tank w/ float
  • Metered delayed backwash to minimize water waste
  • High-capacity resin


  • Produces some wastewater during its regeneration cycle
  • Moderately high initial cost
  • Takes up some space
  • DIY installation not recommended
  • Confusing warranty
  • Convenient salt level sensor is only an add-on

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2. Pelican Salt Free Softeners

Not only does Pelican make some of the higher quality salt-based water softeners but they also make a nice water softener alternative (also known as water conditioners).

People like salt-free water softeners because these systems require almost no maintenance once they are installed and there is no wastewater generated as they operate (unlike salt-based water softeners).    

Pelican’s NS3-P & NS6-P salt-free softeners work well enough to condition over 99.6% of the calcium, magnesium, and other harness minerals that pass through the system. Since these essential minerals for health are not removed, it also makes your tap water healthier to drink.


The Pelican NS3-P & NS6-P salt free softeners are also backed up by a 90-day money-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.

Some of the drawbacks associated with the company’s salt-free water softener line include their higher initial cost and the fact that they can only be used with a maximum total hardness level of 75 GPG.

The latter makes them a poor choice if you have well water coming into your home.              

You also must keep in mind that when you use a salt-free water softener you are conditioning the water so it cannot form bothersome and unsightly limescale as opposed to removing hardness minerals from the water.  

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Pelican salt-free water softening system:


  • 99.6% limescale reduction
  • Certified by DVGW and Water Quality Association (WQA) and meets NSF/ANSI standards
  • Removes sediment from water with its included 5-micron pre-filter
  • Easy installation for some
  • Whole-house filters treat 100% of incoming water
  • A salt-free water softener alternative
  • Retains healthy minerals
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Tanks are made from durable and eye-pleasing stainless steel
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • No expensive salt purchases required 


  • Only works with a maximum water hardness of 75 GPG
  • Does not remove hard water minerals
  • A poor choice if you have well water
  • High initial cost
  • Will not eliminate mineral stains that occur when washing

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3. Pelican Salt Based Softener and Whole-House Water Filter Combo   


Pelican has also come up with a water softening package that will go a long way towards eliminating hard water-related problems and further enhance the quality of your drinking water.

They do this by combining a PC1000-P Whole-House Filter along with either a PAC4 or PAC7 salt-based softener.

You get all of the salt-based water system benefits mentioned above plus the many water aesthetic benefits and tap water that is much healthier to drink.

Here are the good and bad points that combining these two types of water enhancing systems offers:


  • Takes water improvement to a much higher level
  • An additional granular activated carbon filter and KDF-55 media remove many impurities from water
  • Comes with a sediment prefilter
  • Great for treating well water
  • Suitable system for larger houses
  • 5-year guarantee and limited lifetime warranty
  • NSF certified products
  • Doesn’t cause additional wastewater


  • Adds significantly to the cost of softening your water
  • Slightly decreases household water pressure
  • System will almost definitely need to be professionally installed

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4. Salt Free Softener and Whole-House Filter Combo   


This is a water softening package that combines limescale inhibiting water conditioning with effective whole-house water filtration. It does this by using a PC1000-P Whole-House Filter in conjunction with a PSE1800-P or PSE2000-P Salt Free Softener.

So, you get all of the benefits that are associated with the company’s salt-free water filtration process that were mentioned above plus significantly enhanced drinking water. It’s also a water filtration and treatment setup that is virtually maintenance-free once it has been put in place.

Here are the good and bad points to combining these two water enhancement systems:


  • Takes water enhancement to a much higher level
  • Additional activated carbon and KDF-55 copper and zinc oxidation media remove many impurities from water
  • Comes with a sediment prefilter
  • Suitable system for larger houses
  • 5-year guarantee and limited lifetime warranty
  • NSF certified product
  • Doesn’t cause additional wastewater
  • Requires no electricity to run


  • Adds significantly to the cost of softening your water
  • Doesn’t work well on poor quality well water
  • Slightly decreases household water pressure
  • System will almost definitely need to be professionally installed

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Why Is Pelican a Good Water Treatment Company?

Pelican water softening products are part of the innovative water enhancing systems that Pentair® Water Solutions has been offering since 1966. That makes them one of the most experienced water purification companies in the USA.

This company, which is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, has established a solid reputation for developing water treating technologies that combine extensive research with cutting edge technologies.

They are also a very environmentally conscious company that likes to design its products in a way that helps their customers establish a lower carbon footprint on the earth.

This includes their products helping to do such environmentally responsible things as reducing plastic bottle waste, using eco-friendly materials that limit their environmental impact when they are disposed of, and designing water softeners that use less water while operating.  

How Do They Stack Up?

Pelican products are some of the best-reviewed water softeners that you will find in the home water treatment marketplace. The company has established a long history of making efficient and durable water softeners that are backed up by good customer support and some generous product warranties.         

On the downside, a Pelican water softener will tend to be at the higher end of the price scale for these types of water enhancement devices.

Other Products Offered

It should come as no surprise that such a longstanding water enhancing products manufacturer would offer a wide variety of products that can enhance the quality of your household water.

Among these are:

  • Whole-house water filtration systems 
  • Sediment pre-filters
  • Under-sink & countertop filtration systems
  • Shower Filters
  • UV Light water disinfection systems
  • Replacement filters
  • Water enhancing accessories

Summing Up Pelican Water Softeners

I really don’t know any reason why you or anyone else should not purchase a Pelican salt-based or salt-free water softening system if you can fit them into your budget.

All of the water softening equipment that the company makes is backed up by many years of experience, uses the latest technologies in water softening processes, and is designed in a way that they have a pleasant outside experience.

With that being said, I do believe some water softener models out there in the marketplace are slightly better but no water softener is perfect in its design.

Each type of Pelican water softener certainly merits its lofty position on our list of the 10 Best Water Softeners In 2022 Reviewed and our 6 Best Water Softeners for Well Water Reviewed list. 

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