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Pelican PSF-1 Shower Filter Review

By: Craig Smith
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3-Stage Filtration4.5

Excellent Filter Life4

Good Water Flow4

Overall Rating



  • Three-stage filtration
  • Offers Consistent 1.5 GPM water Flow
  • Significantly reduces chlorine
  • Long Filter Life
  • Comes with many configuration options


  • Copper infusion may impact blonde hair color
  • Higher priced unit
  • Pricey replacement filter cost
  • Its above the shower arm placement can be unsightly
Pelican PSF-1 Shower Filter Review

As you are shopping for your new shower filter, you will want to look at ones that have some features that help them stand out from the others. That certainly is the case with the Pelican PSF-1 Shower Filter.

Like most shower filters, it’s only made to eliminate or reduce a few specific contaminants in tap water but it does a very good job with the ones it targets.

Considering that I worked around pool water filtration equipment for almost three decades, I was fairly impressed at the level of filtration this shower filter model offers.

As I describe the better features of this product, you will come to understand why I feel this way.

I will also discuss the Pelican PSF-1 Shower Filter’s weak points, what it’s like to install it, and a few other pieces of information about it that I think are important for you to know.

After you are finished going over the information that I will present here in this Pelican PSF-1 Shower Filter review, you will be able to better determine if this unit is the right shower filter to add to your home’s bathroom.

Overview of Pelican PSF-1


Pentair is a company with a long and storied history when it comes to water filtration and this shower filter definitely shows some signs of that experience in its design.

This shower water enhancing device has many of the same characteristics or more than some of the best shower filters that are made.

It’s a shower filter that is designed to target chlorine in tap water and help reduce the drying effect this chemical can have on your skin and hair. This water filtering device will even reduce chloramines which few shower filters can claim.

The Pelican PSF-1 fits most standardized ½” shower arm threads and can be installed by just about anyone with even a little mechanical ability.

Other features such as its energy-conserving flow selector and a special built-in clip designed to hold useful shower tools only add to its value.


  • Three-stage filtration
  • Offers Consistent 1.5 GPM water Flow
  • Significantly reduces chlorine
  • Long Filter Life
  • Comes with many configuration options
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, 1 -year warranty
  • Dual water pressure settings


  • Copper infusion may impact blonde hair color
  • Higher priced unit
  • Pricey replacement filter cost
  • Its above the shower arm placement can be unsightly
  • Copper infusion may impact blonde hair color

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What to Consider Before Buying Shower Filter

It may not seem like it’s the case but there truly are several factors about shower filters that you should consider when you are looking to purchase one. This includes the following:

  • Filer types used/Contaminants removed or reduced
  • Durability/Warranties & guarantees
  • Difficulty of the installation
  • Unit and replacement filter pricing
  • Filter useful life/Difficulty of replacement
  • The manufacturer specified flow rate
  • Product adjustability and options

Taking a good look at these shower filter characteristics before purchasing one is your easiest path to finding one that you will be very pleased with.

Main Features and Benefits of the Pelican PSF-1

Here is what I feel are the main selling points of this above-average shower filter:

3-Stage Filtration

3-Stage Filtration Chart

Some shower filters only come with one type of water enhancement feature. This one has three as was mentioned above.

That includes its main activated carbon filter that is claimed to be able to filter out 96% of chlorine and a significant number of chloramines and synthetic chemicals that cause unpleasant odors in tap water.

A secondary filter portion consisting of copper and zinc oxidation media further helps to reduce tap water chlorine levels. There is also a layer of far-infrared emitting volcanic media in this filter.

This filter media is intended to lower surface tension and, in turn, soften the feel of the water coming out of your showerhead.

Excellent Filter Life

If Pelican’s claims are correct, then this unit has one of the longest-lasting shower filters that’s made. Typical shower filters usually have to have their filters replaced at least every 6-months or after 10,000 gallons of water has passed through them.

But this shower water filtration device only requires you to change the filter after 9-months or 15,000 gallons of water have passed through it.

Good water Flow

Many shower filter manufacturers are reluctant to say what the flow rate is through their models but that’s not the case at all with Pentair and their Pelican PSF-1 Shower Filter.

They are proud of the fact that this shower filter provides a steady 1.5 GPM water flow. That’s a very adequate water flow, especially when you consider that it has a 3-stage filter.

Comes with Variations

Many shower filters do not come with many options but that’s not the case with the Pelican PSF-1. For one, it comes in both chrome and white colors and can also be set up for aromatherapy use.

If you purchase it, you can take the showerhead off and use your preferred showerhead with it as long as it matches the filter’s thread size and that showerhead can be used with its 1.5 GPM flow rate.

It even has a configuration that comes with an included shower wand instead of a showerhead.


Given all of the information that we have mentioned above about the Pelican PSF-1, it would seem to perform as well or even slightly better than many water filters in its class.

The fact that it reduces chlorine by 96% and it catches some other undesirable chemicals in your tap water too is definitely a strong point with this model shower filter.

The fact that it comes with only one stated third-party certification (NSF/ANSI 177: related to water aesthetic effects including chlorine removal) is a little bit of a turn-off for me as far as performance is concerned.

Installation & Maintenance


If you know how to use a pair of channel lock pliers and have a roll of Teflon tape handy, then that and a little muscle are all that you will need to install this shower water filter. Just about anyone can do it.

All this involves is using the channel lock pliers to remove the old showerhead, putting a few wraps of Teflon tape on the exposed shower arm threading, and then hand tightening your new Pelican PSF-1 onto the shower arm.

Changing out the filters seems to be pretty straightforward with the Pelican PSF-1 too. It requires no more than screwing off the old filter insert and reversing the process to install the new one.

As was mentioned earlier in the cons about this product, I was taken back by the cost of the replacement filters for it. I would like to see Pentair make a little effort to do better in this area.

Social Proof & Review Consensus

The many reviews from users of this shower filter are very consistent in what they mention. This includes that most are fairly happy with this unit’s performance including the fact that they have noticed less tap water impact on their hair and skin.

The cost of this shower filter and its replacement filters are repeatedly mentioned as a drawback too.

Some Parting Thoughts About the Pelican PSF-1 Shower Filter

I like the way that this model shower filter is put together and the concepts that its water filtering capability is based upon.

While on the subject of its filtering ability, it should also be mentioned that I am not completely sold on the far-infrared media’s ability to impact tap water but users do seem to indicate that their water feels softer when showering.

Its filter life is impressive and it does a nice job when it comes to eliminating chlorine from your shower water which is always the main goal of any shower filter.

Is this the right model shower filter for you? I won’t pretend to know that but I will tell you that if you decide to buy it, you will never hear me accuse you of making a bad purchasing decision.

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