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Pelican EZ Connect Compact Water Filtration System Review

By: Craig Smith
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As you look to purchase a new whole house water filter, you may have noticed that some of them can be extremely expensive to buy.

This is especially true of single tank whole house media filters.

That is why for more budget friendly whole home filter alternatives, many look to install ones that contain several filter stages in individual canisters.

Such is the case with the Pelican EZ Connect compact water filtration system.

It is a whole home filter that I will take a closer look at here to help you determine if it might be the right water filtration solution for your smaller home if it’s supplied by chlorinated city water.

Pelican EZ Connect Whole House Filter Key features

This is what I like the most about the Pelican EZ Connect Whole House Filter (also known as a whole home or point of entry water filter):     


Reduces Chlorine and Sediment

There are two concerning contaminants in regards to home water quality if you are on a city water line.

Those are ingesting the chlorine that water was treated with and having sediment that comes from the pipes that carry that water to you.

This filtration system targets both of those. It has a carbon block filter that effectively removes chlorine and chloramines.

That is accompanied by a sediment pre-filter which removes sand, silt, dirt, rust, and other larger sized water contaminants. This filter also helps the carbon-based filter last much longer.

If you want to filter out much more than just these things, then you will need a bigger and more expensive point of entry filter (POE) to do that.

Molded Single Body Top Construction


This is one feature that I really like about the Pelican EZ Connect whole house filter.

It’s designed in a way where its single body top construction reduces the number of parts that need to be assembled and that also means there are less parts to fail.

That may seem like a simple thing, but that takes some worry away from those that purchase and install it.

Clear Sediment Filter Housing

One of the biggest problems with sediment filters is that they can cut down on water flow when they get too dirty. That would be a problem with a filtration system such as this one that already has a low water flow rate.

This is the reason I like the fact that this Pentair product has a clear sediment filter housing. That way, you can periodically check to make sure that filter is clean and help ensure that it does not cut down on your important water flow.


As you are searching for a whole home filtration system, you may have noticed that some of them cost thousands of dollars. That is not the case with the Pelican EZ Connect Whole House Filter.

I have seen it online for as little as $200. That’s an excellent price if your water enhancement needs are minimal in your home that’s supplied by municipal water.

Small Home Friendly

This product is made to be installed in small homes with only 1 or 2 bathrooms. That’s because it only provides for basic water filtration needs and does that with a small 5 GPM flow rate.   

If you have more than 2 bathrooms in your house, then the Pelican EZ Connect Whole House Filter is not one that you would want to choose.


Here is what you will like the most and the least about this water filtration product:


  • Reduces chlorine and sediment
  • Molded single body top construction
  • Clear sediment filter housing
  • Great for those with chlorinated city water
  • Budget-friendly
  • DIY installation compatible
  • Requires no electricity
  • Suitable for small homes with only 1 or 2 bathrooms
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Requires periodic maintenance
  • Must purchase replacement filters each year
  • Short 1-year warranty
  • Only a 5 GPM flow

Check Price


You will not find many whole home filters that are easier to install. It is definitely one that you can do yourself with even minimal plumbing knowledge.


The installation is made easier by its molded single body top construction design which also means there are less parts to install.

Everything that you need to install this POE filter comes right in the package except for the plumbing pipe and connections that are necessary to tap it into your incoming water line.


Yes there is some maintenance that’s required when using a Pelican EZ Connect whole house filter.

Most of that involves changing its sediment filter every 3 to 6 months and its main filter every 6-months to 1-year.

Other than that, you just have to periodically check to make sure its sediment filter is clean and there are no leaks on the system.

How Does It Stack Up Against Competitors?

This is a budget-friendly whole home filter that was only designed to take care of the most basic filtration needs that smaller homes supplied by city water require.

While it does a good job of that, there are other whole house filter models out that perform much better when it comes to taking your home’s water quality to a much higher level.      

Needles to say, this POE filter did not make it onto our list of best whole home filters. It does compare favorably to many of the inexpensive whole home water filters that are available in the marketplace.

Good for What It’s Designed For

Would this be my choice for a whole home filter? The answer might be yes if I lived in a trailer or small home that was supplied by city water.

Especially if chlorine and sediment removal were my two biggest concerns. It works great for what it was designed for and is easy to maintain and install.

Other than that, I would definitely go with a whole house filtration system that targeted many more contaminants than this one. 

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