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Paloma Tankless Water Heater Reviews

By: David Trinh
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Paloma is one of the largest producers of gas appliances in the world.

The company only manufactures gas water heaters (no electric models) and its lineup includes both mid-efficiency and high-efficiency units. Paloma strives to promote better safety in homes and businesses with water heaters that will also bring comfort and energy savings. 

Top 5 Paloma Tankless Water Heaters

  • 8.5 GPM
  • Indoor, Whole House
  • 94% Energy Efficiency
  • 7.4 GPM
  • Outdoor, Whole House
  • 82% Energy Efficiency
  • 6.3 GPM
  • Outdoor, Whole House
  • 95% Energy Efficiency
  • 1.3 GPM
  • Indoor, Point of Use
  • 83.6% Energy Efficiency
  • 4.2 GPM
  • Outdoor, Point of Use
  • 82.5% Energy Efficiency

About Paloma


Paloma was established in 1911 as Kobayashi Gas and Electric Appliance Mfg. Co. Based out of Nagoya, Japan, the company started out producing residential appliances just for the Japanese market.

During more than a century of being in business, Paloma has expanded into new areas and countries. The company opened a branch in the U.S. in 1973. Just a few years later (in 1988), it acquired the premium water heater company Rheem, which is the largest manufacturer of water heaters in both the U.S. and Canada. Rheem is now part of the Paloma group, which today produces gas appliances for residential and commercial purposes, sold across the globe.

Where Are Paloma Water Heaters Made?

Paloma has a few water heater manufacturing plants across the world. It has production and sales offices in the U.S., Canada, China, and Australia.

Paloma Tankless Water Heater Reviews from Consumers Online

consumer reviews

Customer reviews of Paloma water heaters tend to be positive. Users report that their heaters work as advertised, providing them with the amount of hot water they expected.

Many homeowners are happy with the fact that the heater uses gas, which saves money on utility bills. Those who had problems with their water heaters within the warranty period report that they received a repair or replacement unit straight away.

Installing Paloma Tankless Water Heaters

There is nothing complicated about installing Paloma water heaters. Paloma sends clear installation instructions by email as well as supplying customers with printed instructions.

Nonetheless, gas can be dangerous and you will need to receive the installation from a professional who has experience working with gas. In addition, receiving the installation from a certified technician will prevent you voiding your warranty.

Paloma Tankless Water Heater Problems and Maintenance

Troubleshooting a Paloma water heater is simplified by the self-diagnostic program, which includes error codes that appear on the digital display. Even better, error codes appear on the remote control, helping you to figure out what the problem is without needing to head to the water heater. This is particularly useful if you install your water heater outdoors or in an otherwise difficult-to-reach place.

As Paloma heaters use gas, you will need to receive repairs from an HVAC technician if the problem is anything more than simple. You should also receive servicing once a year to make sure your water heater is in a safe, optimal working condition. However, you will be able to clean it yourself every six months without difficulty.

In the case you need to change a part, it will be easy to obtain a replacement. It is recommendable to choose original parts from Paloma to maintain optimal performance.

Paloma Tankless Water Heaters Warranty and Customer Service

warranty guarantee

For US customers, Paloma has a dedicated support line just offering support for tankless water heaters. This number is the same as for Rheem technical support. Customers in other parts of the world can contact Paloma through an inquiry form, which will reach the Paloma International Department. In their reviews, consumers say that they received high-quality, timely customer support whenever they ran into trouble.

Whatever Paloma water heater you choose, you’ll gain two warranties. The one for the heat exchanger is for 12 years; the one for parts is for five years. These are both longer than the industry average, which shows the confidence Paloma has in the quality of its water heaters. Plus, heat exchangers are all made of copper, which is resistant to corrosion and chosen for its longevity.

Types of Paloma Water Heaters

All Paloma water heaters are equipped with innovative technology and offer at least average energy efficiency. Many provide above-average efficiency and some are even Energy Star rated. The models in the Paloma product range share many of the same features and characteristics. They differ mostly in terms of size and whether they are suitable for installation indoors or outdoors.

Paloma heaters have an attractive appearance and are compact enough to fit into small spaces. This increases flexibility for installation. Most users choose to install their indoor heaters in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or basement. Outdoor heaters can attach to any external part of the house.

Some Paloma water heater models are also compatible with a multi-unit system controller. This allows you to link as many as 20 units into a single system, which can be useful for some commercial applications. If you will be using your water heater for business purposes, it may be worthwhile buying a commercial conversion kit. This will allow you to increase the maximum temperature of heated water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor Models

All indoor Paloma water heaters feature a couple safety systems: to prevent the release of dangerous fumes inside and to prevent overheating.

The first of these systems is the incomplete combustion avoidance device (ICAD) safety system. Developed in 1977, it monitors and optimizes gas combustion. It will also turn your water heater off if it detects any carbon monoxide and you will see an error code on the digital display.

The second safety feature is the overheat limiter wrap. This system was designed much later than the ICAD system — in 1997. By adding a layer of plastic film to provide protection to your water heater, it reduces the risk of the heater catching fire. The film-based sensor system detects overheating near the heat exchanger more quickly than other systems.


Paloma PH-E32RDVL

The most powerful indoor water heater from Paloma is the PH-E32RDVL. Offering 8.3 GPM, it can heat enough water for an average-size home and even some large homes. It is also 94 percent energy-efficient, which is especially high for a gas heater. This is combined with a low NOx burner and other features that ensure the heater meets strict emission standards. All of these make it one of the most environmentally-friendly options on the market.

Even though it is powerful, the PH-E32RDVL is small — suitable for hanging on a wall, just like all the other Paloma water heaters. The difference with other models is that the PH-E32RDVL is a condensing unit. As well as increasing energy efficiency, this means it uses PVC venting instead of stainless steel, which reduces the cost of installation.


Paloma PH-5RX

The smallest water heater from Paloma is also an indoor model. The PH-5RX provides just 1.3 GPM, which is best suited for a single sink in a warm or hot climate. As it is a non-condensing water heater, it uses a direct vent with category III stainless steel pipes.

A good thing about the PH-5RX heater is that it has flame failure protection. This uses a thermocouple to check that the heater is firing correctly. In the case of a flame-out, the system will shut off gas supply to the heater. Plus, it has decent energy efficiency of 83.6 percent — just what you want from a small unit.

Outdoor Models

Outdoor water heaters from Paloma are just as efficient as indoor heaters. Again, you’ll find both whole-house and point-of-use models. The advantage of outdoor heaters is they require no venting, which makes them even easier and cheaper to install than condensing units.

A great thing about Paloma outdoor water heaters is that all the units come with a detachable remote control for no extra cost. In fact, you can upgrade to receive as many as three remote controls. The remote is excellent for setting the thermostat and for checking you have the right temperature set for the season without needing to access the heater.


Paloma PH-28ROFL

The PH-28ROFL is a midsize water heater. For an average-size home, it will likely provide more than enough hot water. Actually, 7.4 GPM can even be sufficient for a large home — as long as the incoming water temperature is not too low.

You can use the PH-28ROFL even if you live in a cold climate. The unit comes with freeze protection, which will ensure you suffer no problems even when the weather is extremely cold.

An important feature of the PH-28ROFL is its anti-boil protection. This safety feature uses a temperature sensor of a thermistor type. If the heater reaches a high temperature, it automatically shuts off to stop the water from becoming dangerously hot.

For extra protection, you can also add the optional scald prevention bath controller accessory. This can be useful if children, elderly people, or others who are at a high risk of scalds will be using hot water in your home. When you switch on the bath controller mode, the maximum temperature drops to 112 Fahrenheit, no matter the temperature you have set on the main controller. You should turn off bath controller mode to increase the temperature for applications in the kitchen, such as laundry and washing dishes.


Paloma PH-E244EWHL

For lower hot water needs, you have the PH-E244EWHL. Offering 6.3 GPM, it is ideal for a small home in a cold climate or an average-size home in a hot climate.

At 95 percent efficient, the PH-E244EWHL is the best energy-saver of all the water heaters from Paloma. In fact, it is as efficient as some of the top electric heaters from other brands. (Tankless electric heaters are usually more efficient than their gas counterparts.) However, the PH-E244EWHL is much more economical to run than an electric water heater because its fuel source is cheaper.


Paloma PH-163EWH

Providing you with 4.2 GPM, the PH-163EWH is ideal for heating water for all the appliances in a single room, such as a bathroom or a kitchen. It is also a good option for a point-of-use heater like a regular shower in a cold climate where you need a high temperature rise.

Alternatively, if you have a water heater that is falling short of your needs, the PH-163EWH could work well as an additional heater. Using the DUOnex system, you can connect it to your other heater to meet your demand. Connecting two Paloma heaters together just requires a cable. Then, simply switch the to DUO mode.

If you use the PH-163EWH for an appliance like a shower or sink, you’ll find it provides you with a comfortable experience. Equipped with Q Function, this monitors the temperature of the water. If you turn a faucet off and then on again, the water will flow at the same temperature as before.

Where to Buy Paloma Water Heaters

You’ll find all the above top models of Paloma water heaters for sale on Amazon. There, you can also read the reviews of individual models to ensure you are choosing the right one for your needs.

Lastly, if you still want to compare all the different brands before purchasing check out our guide here.

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