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MXL-15 Water Ionizer Review

By: Stephanie Nielsen
Published on:

In our quest to find the best water ionizer on the market, we’ve come across the MXL-15 Alkaline Water Ionizer. This device promises to deliver high-quality, ionized water straight from your tap, but does it live up to the hype? 

In this MXL-15 Water Ionizer review, we’ll delve into its specs, key features, design, filter efficiency, maintenance, warranty, and more to give you a comprehensive understanding of what this product has to offer.

MXL-15 Alkaline Water Ionizer Specs & Features

    Ionization Plates: 15 large platinum-coated titanium Matrix GRID plates. These plates are responsible for the ionization process, and their large number ensures efficient and effective ionization.
    Filtration System: Dual filtration system to purify the water before ionization, removing impurities and harmful substances
    Customizable Settings:Pre-set pH levels for convenience, but it also allows for manual pH adjustment. This feature provides users with the flexibility to customize the ionization process to their specific needs.
    pH Range: 1.7 to 12.2, allowing it to produce both highly alkaline and acidic water.
    Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP): Maximum ORP of -1003, up to -966 ORP at a drinkable scale of 9.5 pH, the MXL-15 is capable of reducing the water’s oxidation potential, contributing to its antioxidant properties.
    Installation Options: Countertop or under-counter unit, providing flexibility to fit different kitchen setups.
    Display: User-friendly LCD screen that displays the current pH level and filter status. This makes it eaasy to monitor the device’s operation and maintain optimal performance.
    Automatic Cleaning System: The MXL-15 includes an automatic cleaning system that activates after each use. This ensures the ionization plates are always clean, prolonging the device’s lifespan and maintaining the quality of the ionized water.

    The key features of the MXL-15 Alkaline Water Ionizer are designed to provide a seamless and efficient water ionization process. These features, combined with the device’s impressive specs, make it a top-tier choice for any household.

    MXL-15 Ionizer Review

    Product Design  

    The design of the MXL-15 is sleek and modern, with a user-friendly interface. The LCD screen displays the current pH level and filter status, making it easy to monitor the device’s operation. The touch panel controls are intuitive and responsive, allowing for easy operation.

    Filter Efficiency

    In our research, we found the MXL-15’s filter efficiency to be impressive. The dual internal filters effectively remove contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, and organic pollutants, ensuring the water you drink is clean and safe. 

    The filters have a lifespan of approximately 6,000 liters, which means you won’t need to replace them frequently.

    Maintenance and Cleaning 

    Maintenance and cleaning of the MXL-15 are straightforward. The device features an automatic cleaning system that activates after each use, ensuring the ionization plates are always clean and ready to deliver high-quality ionized water. 

    The filters are also easy to replace, with the device notifying you when it’s time for a change.


    The MXL-15 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, which is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability and longevity. This comprehensive warranty offers peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered should any issues arise. 

    Pros and Cons of the MXL-15 Ionizer

    What we Liked

    • Easy installation even for non-home fixers.
    • Reduces the tendency of minerals like calcium and magnesium, while leaving the beneficial minerals
    • Very fast shipping and good customer service.
    • Generates high levels of hydrogen through its 15 plates.
    • Offers adjustable pH settings for customized water.
    • Offers both alkaline and purified water options through a dual filter.

    What We Didn’t Like :

    • Some of the systems are built to order so you can cancel it, or exchange it, but depending on the supplier you buy from, it may not be eligible for a return so verify with customer support before purchasing, NOTE: Amazon does say eligible for return within 30 days,

    Final Thoughts 

    After a thorough review, we can confidently say that the MXL-15 Alkaline Water Ionizer is a top-tier product. Its advanced filtration system, customizable settings, sleek design, and impressive warranty make it a standout choice for anyone looking to invest in a water ionizer. 

    While it may be a significant investment, the health benefits and convenience it offers make it worth every penny.

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