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Marey Tankless Water Heater Reviews

By: David Trinh
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Marey power pak

Compact, reliable, and ideal for medium to low hot water needs, the tankless water heaters from Marey are some of the most affordable on the market.

Although the company started out producing simple shower heaters, Marey now has several product lines, consisting of mainly point-of-use water heaters, to meet various requirements.

Top 5 Marey Tankless Water Heaters

Marey GA10L
  • 3.1 GPM
  • Gas, Point of Use
  • 54-87% Energy Efficiency
  • 2.0 GPM
  • Gas, Point of Use
  • 54-87% Energy Efficiency
Marey ECO270
  • 6.5 GPM
  • Electric, Whole House
  • 98% Energy Efficiency
Marey GA16L DP
  • 4.3 GPM
  • Gas, Point of Use
  • 54-87% Energy Efficiency
Marey Power Pak Plus 220V
  • 1.9 GPM
  • Electric, Point of Use
  • 98% Energy Efficiency

Founder Mariano Reyes combined both his first and last names to arrive at the brand name Marey. An entrepreneur from Puerto Rico, Reyes established the company in 1955 with the aim of producing innovative tankless heaters. Marey quickly became a leading brand in Puerto Rico before it expanded into North America, South America, the Caribbean, and, later, the entire globe.

Types of Marey Water Heaters

Marey manufactures both gas and electric heaters for the home — all for indoor use. Although they are low cost, the heaters feature cutting-edge technology, including for energy efficiency. For instance, all the heaters are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Marey Tankless Water Heater Reviews from Consumers Online

consumer reviews

The majority of reviews for Marey heaters are positive. Customers are satisfied with the durability they receive for a lower-than-average cost.

Some customers do complain about the lower quality, but most agree that the quality they receive for the price is more than reasonable.

Marey Tankless Water Heater Installation


Marey recommends that customers receive professional support to install their electric heaters. However, many customers report that installation is easy enough for the average homeowner to carry out, thanks to the guide that accompanies the heater.

For gas heaters, on the other hand, it is necessary to hire an HVAC professional with experience in installing similar models. This is true of all gas heaters (not just those from Marey), due to the potential danger of working with gas, especially if you lack knowledge of plumbing procedures and building codes. Like electric heaters, gas heaters come with an installation guide.

Marey Water Heater Maintenance

With regular maintenance, a Marey water heater should last at least 20 years. For gas heaters, this means annual checkups and for both gas and electric it means regular cleanings, which you can perform yourself.

Marey Hot Water Heaters Warranty and Customer Service

Marey offers customer support in a few ways. For instance, you can communicate with a team member via phone or email or find answers to commonly-asked questions on the FAQ section of the website and in user manuals. If you live in Texas or Puerto Rico, it is even easier to receive support, as Marey has service centers with both customer and technical service departments.

Water heaters from Marey come with a five-year warranty on parts, which is longer than many other manufacturers. The warranty covers all manufacturers’ defects and also includes service for the first year. Your warranty is void if your water heater is damaged during installation, if someone dismantles the interior, or if the heater is exposed to extreme weather conditions. It is essential that you register your water heater within 30 days of purchasing it to gain a warranty.

Marey’s Gas Heaters

Unlike the gas heaters from most manufacturers, Marey gas heaters are point of use. The largest of all (the GA16L ETL) offers just 5.4 GPM for a 35 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rise. Most of the gas water heaters from Marey are duct exhaust, a few are force exhaust, and one is a portable heater.


Marey GA10L

The most popular of all the Marey water heaters (considering both gas and electric) is the GA10L. It is available for propane and natural gas — the models are identical in every way except the fuel source, including their stylish appearance. The GA10L is one of the Marey gas water heaters that uses a flue duct system.

Compact, but offering 3.1 GPM, the GA10L is powerful enough to provide hot water to a single shower and sink, provided that the incoming water temperature is not too low. This capacity is also more than enough for a low-flow shower, dishwasher, or washing machine — the heater may even be able to provide hot water to two or three of these simultaneously. However you use it, the GA10L will supply you with hot water in mere seconds.

A major advantage of the GA10L is that it requires no electricity to operate nor does it have a pilot light. This sets it apart from the majority of gas heaters from other brands. Instead, the GA10L offers the option of battery-powered ignition, which requires a pair of D-cell batteries.

This makes installation that much simpler and may even provide you with greater flexibility when choosing where to place the heater. Plus, it means that your water heater adds nothing to your electricity bill.

Other great features of the GA10L include anti-combustion, gas pressure protection, rustproof parts, and a leak-free design. It also has a sighting window and three control knobs — these are for adjusting flow, changing water input, and switching between summer and winter mode, respectively. The winter adjustment prepares the heater for a lower incoming water temperature and tells it engage more burners.



The GA5PORT is a propane heater designed for using one appliance or several simultaneously in an RV. Offering 2.0 GPM, it is equally suitable for at least one appliance in the home. The heater’s light weight and convenient handle make it easy to transport and use for tasks like washing windows or a vehicle with heated water. It even comes with a long hose for this very purpose.

Like the GA10L, the GA5PORT is self-igniting with D-cell batteries. This allows you to use the heater when you don’t have electricity. It also means that the heater will only burn gas when it is heating water.

A large number of safety features make the GA5PORT ideal for use on the road. For instance, it has auto-cutoff, anti-dry combustion, overpressure, overheating, and flame-out protection. The natural venting is especially important, as this eliminates the risk of gas pollution when in an RV. It is also one of the few tankless water heaters from any brand that works with a 12-volt pump.

The GA5PORT performs well even when incoming water pressure is low. In addition, its low maintenance needs and affordable price make it a great investment whether you want to use the heater regularly, just on occasion, or even as a backup for your main water heater.


Marey 5L

The second-most powerful gas water heater from Marey, the GA16L DP is still compact. (The most powerful, the GA16L ETL, has a higher price tag and, unlike the GA16L DP, does require electricity for ignition.) The GA16L DP is available as both a propane and natural gas model. It uses a flue duct exhaust discharge mode.

The maximum GPM of 4.3 is enough for two appliances in places where incoming water temperature is not too low. It is also ideal for ensuring that you always receive sufficient water for a regular shower in cold climates. Operating on 3V, the GA16L DP is also a great option if you are off the grid or if you only have limited electricity.

The GA16L DP is not only more powerful than the GA10L — it also has an extra feature of a digital display, positioned just below the three control knobs on the front panel, which shows the temperature of heated water. This feature enables you to set the water temperature with ease to whatever you find most comfortable.

Like other gas heaters from Marey, the GA16L DP is up to 87 percent energy efficient. It is also made of eco-friendly materials to reduce its impact on the environment even further. Lastly, it has a copper heat exchanger to prevent corrosion and a rustproof design.

Marey’s Electric Heaters

Marey markets almost all its electric heaters as being whole-house heaters. In reality, most are point of use, especially if they are being used in areas where the climate is not always warm.

For instance, the smallest Eco water heater (the Eco110) offers 3.0 GPM with a temperature rise of 28 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just about enough to provide hot water to a regular shower and a sink at the same time. When temperature rise needs to be 56 degrees Fahrenheit, the GPM drops to 1.5 — only enough for a single low-flow shower.

When you consider GPM capabilities, there is actually only one whole-house electric heater in the Marey product lines: the Eco270.

In addition to its Eco models, Marey has Power Pak Plus and Mini Tank heaters. It also has a Mini Marey, which heats water as it comes out of the faucet in areas with high incoming water temperatures, such as the southern part of the U.S. as well as the Caribbean.



The Eco270 isn’t just the largest of the Eco models, it is the most powerful of all Marey water heaters. It provides 6.5 GPM at a temperature rise of 38 degrees Fahrenheit — enough for two or even three showers. If you live in a climate that can get extremely cold, it still offers a temperature rise of as much as 80 degrees Fahrenheit for 1.5 GPM. This makes it an excellent point-of-use heater for a single appliance. Plus, its minimum flow activation is quite low at just 0.85 GPM, which adds to its versatility.

Like all the heaters in the Eco line, the Eco270 uses SMART Technology. This means that the water never touches the heating element, therefore eliminating sediment. This is particularly useful in areas of hard water, as there is no risk of a buildup of chlorine or calcium inside the heater.

Another benefit of the Eco270 is its self-regulating functions. These improve its performance and reduce effort for you. For instance, the heater regulates power its power consumption (although there is also the option to handle this manually). Anti-combustion is also self-modulating.

Power Pak Plus 220v

Marey power pak

There are just two heaters in the Power Pak Plus line: the 110v and the 220v. The Power Pak Plus 220v model is more popular, as the price difference between the two is negligible and the 220v provides 1.9 GPM at a temperature rise of 26 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to only 1.0 GPM.

It is important to note that the Power Pak Plus 220v is designed for areas of high incoming water temperature only, such as southern states as well as the Caribbean. In these places, it makes for a superb point-of-use heater, saving significant space and energy. It is also a great choice for off-the-grid living.

The Power Pak 220v is designed with personalization in mind. It is easy to make adjustments for temperature (there are four different options), water flow, and energy consumption, according to your home’s electric capacity. The heater is suitable for 10, 20, 30, and 40 amps.

Like the Eco heaters, the Power Pak 220v works well in areas with hard water, thanks to its scale-resistant heat chamber and the filter on the water inlet, which removes sediments that could otherwise damage the heater. Plus, it activates at even lower pressures than the Eco250: a minimum of just 0.66 GPM.

Where to Buy a Marey Tankless Water Heater

All the above Marey water heaters are available to purchase on Amazon offering you a quick and easy checkout experience. Amazon even offers an add on service for installation.

You can also see our roundup review here of all the top brands before making a purchasing decision.

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