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Luxsego Ionic Shower Head Review

By: Craig Smith
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Our Review

Ionic Water Conditioning4

Micro Nozzle Technology3.5

Perfect for RV Use4

Easy Installation & Maintenance4.5

Overall Rating



  • Filtration Media incorporated into a shower wand
  • Uses Ionic water conditioning
  • 3 pressure settings
  • Simple Installation
  • 1.5 GPM water flow


  • Not a true shower filter (only conditions tap water)
  • At 1 lb. can get heavy when holding it
  • Short 3 to 6-month useful life
Luxsego Ionic Shower Head Review

As you continue to search for the right shower head filter for your needs, it can be frustrating because there are so many choices for these out in the marketplace.

That’s why I have taken the time to thoroughly check out the most efficient and most unique shower filters available and review them here.

It’s a trend that continues with my Luxsego Ionic Shower Head review. It definitely is among the most unique shower head filters that I have reviewed.

In this article, I will discuss how it can benefit you, what its best features are, and give you some other opinions about it that are based on my many years working with water filtration equipment.

Overview of Luxsego Ionic

luxsego shower filter

This is a shower filter that’s made by a company that is known for manufacturing quality bathroom-related products. It’s a little bit different type of shower filter than most on our list.

That’s because while most shower filters are ones that attach to a shower arm and then a separate shower head is attached to them, this unit incorporates its water enhancing capability right into a convenient shower wand.

This factor also plays a big role in how easy it is to install.

It’s also interesting that it does not use any type of carbon filter inside of it (this hurts its ability to remove many tap water impurities) but instead uses ionic water conditioning.

So, it’s best used to try and eliminate dry skin, dull hair, and other body issues created by showering with tap water that has many contaminants in it.

It’s also a water-saving showerhead that because of its design still helps generate a powerful flow coming out of it. This water flow can even be regulated through the use of its three different pressure settings.

Here is what I do and don’t like about it:


  • Filtration Media incorporated into a shower wand
  • Uses Ionic water conditioning
  • 3 pressure settings
  • Simple Installation
  • 1.5 GPM water flow
  • Pressure creating design
  • Excellent for RV use
  • Comes with installation kit


  • Not a true shower filter (only conditions tap water)
  • At 1 lb. can get heavy when holding it
  • Short 3 to 6-month useful life
  • May clog quickly under high TDS conditions
  • No replaceable filter media

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What to Consider Before Buying a Shower Filter

Like many product categories, shower filters come in all different types of designs and there is a wide range of filtering capabilities with them. That’s why it’s best to shop around for them instead of just making an impulse purchase.

Here are the main criteria to consider when trying to make a sound shower filter head purchase:

  1. Type of filtration it uses and the contaminants it removes or reduces
  2. Construction/Durability
  3. Difficulty when installing it
  4. Unit and replacement filter cost
  5. Filter Cartridge life/Ease of replacement
  6. Water flow rate
  7. Adjustability/Options

It will also help if you test your tap water before shopping for a new water filter so you can get a better idea of what types of impurities your new shower filter needs to be able to remove.

Luxsego’s Main Features and Benefits

There are some characteristics of this shower head filter that I believe make it stand out from many others. They include:

Ionic Water Conditioning

Ionic Water Conditioning

While I am not impressed with this unit’s contaminant filtering capabilities, I do like the way that it can enhance tap water to make it less harsh on your skin and hair.

The Luxsego Ionic Shower Head accomplishes this by having two unique sets of stone beads inside of it.

This includes gray natural stone beads that add healthy minerals to the water as it passes through it and this shower filter may also change the harmful nature of such water impurities as chlorine.

There are also infrared natural stones inside of it which the manufacturer claims help tame harsh water so your skin will feel softer and smoother.

Micro Nozzle Technology


While some shower filters on our list do not even come with a showerhead, this one goes all out and provides a multifunctional shower wand. It has three different pressure settings (jet, massage, and fine).

Also, while it saves water with its 1.5 GPM flow rate at the same time it is designed to increase pressure thanks to its micro nozzle technology.

Perfect for RV Use

One of the biggest complaints that are often heard from RV owners is the lack of water pressure that their plumbing hookups can create. Most of the water coming into them from a campground hookup is also very harsh well water.

Since this model shower head filter can overcome both of those problems, it can be a huge benefit to have this installed in the bathroom of your RV.

Luxsego’s Performance

While I like how ionic water conditioning works, it takes place on a pretty small scale in this unit. So, you may not get all of the benefits that ionic water conditioning offers as you do in larger home water filtration systems that use it.

Its lack of a carbon-based filter and the fact that it has no stated 3rd party certifications has me very skeptical as far as its ability to filter out many tap water contaminants.

Luxsego Installation & Maintenance


You will not find an easier-to-install shower filter. That’s because all that’s required with this unit is to screw off the old showerhead and attach the Luxsego Ionic Shower Head’s wand hose in its place.

Just about anyone should be able to easily accomplish this by using nothing more than a pair of tongue and groove style pliers.

Making the installation even simpler is a provided kit that includes leak-preventing Teflon tape.

There are no replaceable filter media with this model shower filter so that makes it maintenance-free. The drawback to that is you have to replace the entire shower wand and hose after 3 to 6 months.

Social Proof & Review Consensus

Those that have purchased and used this shower filter claim that they can feel a difference with the water coming out of it. They often say it feels softer and smoother on their skin. Many also compliment the water pressure the shower wand selector settings can create.

The biggest complaints are that it often leaks where the included hose is attached to the shower arm (those users probably did not use the included Teflon tape there) and some people question its durability and point out the lack of clear installation and assembly instructions.

Summing Up the Luxsego Ionic Shower Head

If you have very poor-quality tap water and you are looking to remove or reduce significant amounts of chlorine or other household water impurities, then this is probably not the right shower head filter for you.

On the other hand, with its ionic water conditioning properties, it may be able to help you control some dry skin and hair issues that are commonly associated with impurities in tap water.

The fact that it will save water and is designed to increase the water pressure coming out of it at the same time is a nice bonus too. That holds with all of the bonus intangibles that you get with this model shower filter.

Do I feel it’s among the best shower head filters on our list?

The answer is no because it lacks carbon-based filtration but for helping with dry skin issues and the other purposes mentioned above, it certainly can be a good shower head filter choice.

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