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Ecosmart Tankless Water Heaters Reviewed

By: David Trinh
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EcoSmart produces affordable, green water heaters that allow consumers to save money upfront in purchase costs and then to continue saving through low operating costs.

The brand is part of Rheem, but it produces mid-range rather than top-level water heaters. The company is based out of Waterbury, Connecticut.

Top 4 EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters

Ecosmart Model
Energy Factor
Gas or Electric
Indoor or Outdoor
Whole House or Point of Use
ECO 36
8.8.99ElectricEitherEither Check Price
ECO 27
6.6.99ElectricEitherEither Check Price
ECO 11
3.2.98ElectricEitherPoint of UseCheck Price
1.5.99ElectricIndoorPoint of UseCheck Price

About EcoSmart

EcoSmart uses the latest technology to bring its customers the most energy-efficient water heaters possible. One example of its innovation is the patented flow sensor technology. This modulates the consumption of water heaters to better meet demand. As a result, the water heaters have a much lower activated limit than most other tankless water heaters on the market.

Another feature is the automatic resettable thermostat. It is more common to find manually resettable thermostats, even though these are less convenient.

The brand produces a range of heaters to meet a variety of different needs. These range from the low-level, point-of-use heaters (useful for minimal hot water needs) to powerful whole-house units. All the models meet strict safety and quality standards.

Types of EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters

water heaters

Almost all of the top-selling EcoSmart water heaters are electric. These models use the same technology as Rheem heaters, although they are free from the extras that make Rheem a luxury brand.

EcoSmart gas heaters, however, are quite different from their Rheem counterparts. Plus, all gas models are compatible with both natural gas and propane. To switch from one fuel to another, you just need to make a minor change to the gas valve. This is convenient for homeowners who may need to make the switch in the future, as it eliminates the need to purchase an entirely new water heater.

Although most heaters from EcoSmart are electric, the brand is still a good choice if you are looking for a gas water heater. Gas heaters offer the same high quality and offer equally good energy-saving capabilities. They come as either indoor or outdoor units — you’ll need to select the type you want upon purchase.

Electric heaters from EcoSmart cost as little as $150 for a low-flow, point-of-use heater to as much as $725 for a whole-house unit (before installation). Gas heaters range between $700 and $1,600 (again, before installation).

EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews from Consumers Online

EcoSmart receives great reviews online for its tankless water heaters, particularly for its electric models in the Eco range. Heaters are good quality but lack the frills and extras you find with other brands, which keeps them in the mid-price range. For instance, they have no WiFi control — something that distinguishes them from Rheem heaters.

EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Installation

Although electric water heaters are often easy to install on your own, you must receive a professional installation to maintain the EcoSmart warranty. The good news is that the process will be fast and you’ll be sure that your heater is set up correctly.

As gas heaters from any brand must always be installed by a professional, the installation costs for an EcoSmart gas heater are what you would normally expect.

EcoSmart Water Heater Problems

Few consumers mention having any problems with their EcoSmart water heater. Some mention leaking and similar problems, but these issues are most likely due to a lack of maintenance. Like heaters from any other brand, EcoSmart water heaters require periodic cleanings to remove limescale. There is no need to receive this service from a professional — it is possible to carry out the work yourself.

In addition, gas water heaters require regular checks to ensure that they show no signs of damage. This is critical to prevent combustion of poisonous gases.

EcoSmart Warranty

Gas water heaters from EcoSmart have a warranty of 12 years on the heater exchanger. On the heating elements, electric water heaters in the Eco series have a lifetime warranty, whereas those in the POU series have a warranty of one year. Gas and Eco models also have a five-year warranty on general parts and a one-year labor warranty.

EcoSmart Customer Service

The majority of consumers report receiving excellent customer service from EcoSmart. In their reviews, they mention that they rarely suffer problems, but if they do have any doubts or want to use their warranties, the customer service team is ready to answer all their questions and provide support for issues, if necessary.

Ecosmart’s Top Tankless Models

There are three series of EcoSmart water heaters:

  • The Eco series ranges from point-of-use heaters to whole-house units, depending on the size of the heater and climate of the area where it is installed. All are electric water heaters.
  • The ESG series has high-efficiency gas water heaters.
  • The POU series consists of point-of-use heaters to provide hot water when needs are particularly low.

Eco Series

With proper maintenance, the heaters in the Eco series can have a lifespan of at least 20 years. This is partially due to the fact that they use either copper or stainless steel in their heat exchanger materials. They also come in attractive designs, which can limit the need to hide the heater out of sight.

Water heaters in the Eco series range in size from very compact to small, allowing them to fit in almost any home. No matter how small they are, they modulate heat input to meet the exact temperature on the thermostat. All models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Eco 11

ecosmart ECO 11

Although the Eco 11 is less powerful than the other models in the Eco series, its small size makes it ideal for a studio home. It is even lightweight enough to be portable — for instance, you can use it for traveling in an RV.

The Eco 11 has a lower temperature than similar models on the market from other brands, reaching a high of just 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a low maximum flow rate of 3.2 GPM. However, these two factors combined contribute to even greater energy savings. You can expect to spend around 60 percent of the costs of a tank heater.

Finally, the Eco 11 has a digital control system. You can use this to set water temperature and check error codes. The latter makes diagnosing issues much easier for your HVAC technician — and, therefore, it is faster to fix the heater.

Eco 27

ecosmart eco 27

Another popular model in the Eco series is the Ecosmart Eco 27. It has a temperature range of 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (you can set the temperature in 1-degree increments) and a flow rate of up to 6.6 GPM. Both of these characteristics can make the Eco 27 suitable as a whole-house heater for small homes.

However, you should bear in mind that if you live in a cold climate, the heater may have a maximum GPM of just 3. This makes it more suitable as a point-of-use heater.

At around 90 percent smaller than a tank water heater (and smaller even than other electric heaters of similar power), it is ideal for installing right where you want to use it. This adds to the appeal of using the Eco 27 as a point-of-use heater.

Thanks to self-modulating technology, there is no standby heat loss with this heater — one factor that contributes to significant energy savings. In fact, the water heater is 99.8 percent energy efficient and can save you around 50 percent of water heating costs compared to a tank water heater of the same capacity.

Eco 36

ecosmart ECO 36

The most powerful water heater in the Eco range is the Eco 36. In hot climates, it has a GPM of up to 8.8, meaning it is definitely suitable for a whole-house heater. In colder climates, the maximum GPM can drop to just 3.5. This is plenty for a point-of-use heater and may be sufficient for the whole house in a small home.

In addition, the Eco 36 can heat water to up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, helping it suit a wider range of water needs. For an extra cost, you can receive a remote control to change the thermostat from anywhere within your home.

ESG Series

All water heaters in the ESG series are gas units. Plus, all but the smallest (the ESG-64) are condensing units. The gas valve and burner operate between 11,000 BTU ad 199,000 BTU. This wide range allows the system to demand the exact BTU level necessary to reach the right temperature and provide the amount of water you require.

When you choose a water heater from the ESG series, you can receive a recirculation kit. This will send unused heated water back to the heater. As a result, you will always have hot water close to the instant you turn on the tap. A recirculation kit will add a cost of around $300 and you will need to install a recirculation line. Many homeowners find the added cost worthwhile for the savings from less wasted water.


The ESG-95 is the largest option in the top five EcoSmart heaters and the most powerful — with a maximum GPM of 9.5. At the same time, it has an extremely low minimum flow rate of just 0.26 GPM and a minimum activation flow rate of 0.4 GPM. This means it will provide you with exactly the amount of heated water you need; no more, no less.

The water heater also has a high energy factor: 0.95 if it has a standard copper heat exchanger and 0.96 if you opt for stainless steel (which is also more durable, although the warranty of 12 years makes this less of an issue). To be even more environmentally friendly, it is Low NOx.

Like other EcoSmart units, the ESG-95 has a digital display that gives you control over the temperature. You can set the temperature at anywhere between 85 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater is equipped with hot-start programming to minimize temperature fluctuation, even when you often turn it on and off.

Finally, the ESG-95 has a self-diagnostic system. This is extra important in a gas model, as gas heaters require more frequent maintenance to keep them safe.

POU Series

The smallest of the POU heaters are designed for very low water uses where a larger heater would be a waste of money. Larger ones are powerful enough to provide slightly larger appliances with on-demand hot water. The warranty of heaters in the POU series is less than other water heaters from EcoSmart, but this is standard for such types of heaters across all brands.


ecosmart POU 6

The POU 6 is the most popular water heater in the POU series. With a maximum GPM of 1.5, it is best suited for a single bathroom, kitchen sink, RV, or boat. Its small size means it can fit easily under a sink, even when space is limited. You can even switch it off whenever you’ll have no need for hot water.

This simple water heater has no internal thermostat; instead, it increases temperature statically. This means it is perfectly good for washing dishes and taking short showers, but it is less appropriate for cold climates, for receiving hot water at a constant temperature, or if you want hot water immediately at all times.

Where to Buy the Recommended EcoSmart Water Heaters

EcoSmart distributes its products through Amazon. There, you can find all the recommended units, as well as similar models in the Eco, ESG, and POU series.

If you still want to view the top models from all brands before purchasing, check out our best on demand water heaters guide.

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