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Dupont WFFM100XCH Faucet Filter Review

By: Craig Smith
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Built-in Filter Life Meter4.9

200 Gallons of Filter Life4.7

NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53, 372 Compliant4.8

Decorative Chrome Finish4.6

Overall Rating



  • Built-in filter life meter
  • Long filter life (200 gallons)
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • High purification standards (NSF/ANSI)


  • Only comes with two adapters
  • Not compatible with pull-down sprayers
  • Plastic external shell
  • Large activation knob can be challenging
Dupont WFFM100XCH Faucet Filter Review

The Dupont WFFM100XCH faucet filter will provide you with an easily installable and inexpensive solution for enhancing your home drinking water quality.

It was designed to filter out a wide variety of common household water impurities such as sediment, harmful chemicals, and many unwanted metals.

That means you can expect such things from this water purification device as improved water taste, water with no visible particles floating in it, and a glass of water that has no color to it.

In this article, I will go over with you how the Dupont WFFM100XCH faucet filter achieves its desirable water purity results, some associated cost factors to consider, and some intangibles about this faucet mounted water filter that may make it more appealing to you.

Overview of the Dupont Faucet Filter


Of course, the first question that you want to ask when purchasing any type of water filtration device is what type of water quality you can expect to get from it. For a compact size unit, this one does a nice job of getting rid of some contaminants that you definitely don’t want inside your body.

According to the manufacturer, it will remove a large majority of such commonly found undesirable water impurities as sediment, chlorine, benzene, cysts, lindane, mercury, asbestos, and lead.

For many users of faucet-mounted water filters, one of their biggest complaints is they can’t tell when it’s time to change the unit’s filter. That will never be a problem with the Dupont WFFM100XCH

That’s due to its built-in, resettable filter life meter. It will count up the number of gallons that have passed through it from 1 to 200. When the embedded meter hits the 200-gallon mark, you simply remove the old filter and replace it with a new one.

Another aspect of faucet mounted water filters that many people consider are how it looks when installed. This Dupont product should more than satisfy you aesthetically.

It has a nice chrome finish to it and its compact size keeps it from being a big and bulky looking eyesore when attached to the end of your kitchen sink’s faucet.


  • Built-in filter life meter
  • 200 gallons of purified water/filter
  • Decorative chrome finish
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53, and 372 compliant


  • Only comes with two adapters
  • Cannot be used on sinks with pull-down sprayers
  • External shell is plastic
  • Large size activation knob may challenge small or arthritic hands

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What to Consider Before Buying a Faucet Filter

There is one very important aspect of faucet-mounted water filters that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing them. That is, they are smaller in size, so that limits their filtering capacity.

Make no mistake about it, faucet-mounted water filters such as the Dupont WFFM100XCH were not meant to do the same job as a fancy home water purification system.

That’s why they are best used in homes where the water quality only needs slight enhancement and purification to promote consistent drinkability.

They also are only used to treat water that is to be consumed by drinking or used for cooking purposes. These filters are simply not practical for whole-house use.

Here are some of the most important aspects of faucet mounted water filters to consider when looking to make a purchase:

  1. Filter life: The number of gallons of water produced per filter
  2. Ease of Installation: Does everything you need to install it come in the package
  3. Purification: The types of contaminants it removes
  4. Cost factors: The price of the unit itself and the cost of replacement filters
  5. Construction: How durable are the materials its made of
  6. Guarantees: Any applicable product warranties

Main Features and Benefits of Dupont Faucet Filter

Here are some aspects of the Dupont WFFM100XCH that make it stand out from other faucet mounted water filters in its class:

Metered Filter Life

By far the most significant feature of this Dupont water filtration device is the fact that it has an easily readable meter that lets you know when it’s time to change the filter. This is something that is often sadly lacking in many faucet-mounted water filters.

Produces a Generous Amount of Filtered
Water Per Cartridge

The Dupont WFFM100XCH’s ability to produce close to 200 gallons of enhanced water is at the high end of what most faucet-mounted water filters can produce per filter used. That makes it a very cost-effective product.

In an internet search, I did not find any replacement filters for this unit that was over $20. That comes out to a very economical 10 cents or less per gallon of filtered water produced.

Good Looking Water Filter

This Dupont faucet-mounted water filter is much more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing than its big and somewhat bulbous counterparts. It does not look out of place like some faucet-attached water filters do.

Easy Installation

I say this with a caveat because this filter is extremely easy to install if you have matched it up with the manufacturer’s suggested faucet choices. If not, you may have to purchase a separate adapter because there are only two that come with it.

Installation, when it’s matched up with an approved faucet choice, should take 10 minutes or less.

Check out a YouTube video of how this unit is installed.


It has all of the major certifications that a good faucet-mounted water filter should have. This includes NSF/ANSI Standard 42 which relates to chlorine taste and odor filtration, NSF/ANSI Standard 53: which relates Asbestos, Cysts, Lead, Mercury, Turbidity, and VOC filtration, and NSF/ANSI Standard 372 which relates to compliance with low lead levels.

Social Proof & Review consensus

An internet search led to me finding an abundance of glowing reviews on this particular faucet-attached water filter.

Some customers such as this one, like this unit’s low cost for the number of gallons of purified water that you get from it. It makes for a great deal when compared to what you would spend on the equivalent in purchased bottles of purified water. This customer also pointed out that despite heavy use, their filter life far surpassed the manufacturer’s stated 3-month life expectancy.

Those whose biggest problem with their home drinking water is its taste, may find this Dupont faucet mounted water filter to their satisfaction as the customer in the 2nd review did. Again, the low cost for the large amount of enhanced water it produced and the fact there is an included filter life meter were emphasized.

One of the biggest testaments to a product’s quality is when someone purchases it again. That’s exactly what took place in the above review. This user was also very pleased that they had gotten over five years of use from the original model that they purchased.

Wrapping Up My Thoughts on This Quality Faucet Filter

If your biggest worry with your drinking water is removing microbial cysts, cryptosporidium & giardia or your home’s drinking water is fairly decent to begin with, then this Dupont faucet-mounted filter is a solid choice.

You also won’t have to worry about changing filters but once every three months and the built-in filter life meter will let you know exactly when it’s time to do that.

The Dupont WFFM100XCH faucet filter will definitely enhance the color, taste, and purity of your home’s drinking water.

It’s definitely one of the best faucet filters on the market to consider.

Take a closer look at this efficient faucet filter.

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