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Brita Basic Faucet Filter Review

By: Craig Smith
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Our Review

Two-Stage Filtration4.5

NSF/ANSI Certified4

Filter Replacement Indicator Light4.5

Low-cost Filter Replacement5

Overall Rating



  • Electronic filter change indicator
  • Simple Unit installation
  • Meets NSF/ANSI 42, 51, and 401 certification requirements
  • Quick filter changes
  • Sediment catching pre-filter


  • Plastic body
  • Taller height
  • Some users report leaks

In this review of the Brita Basic Faucet Filter, you will come to see that it’s a fairly decent product made by a reputable company when it comes to water filtration.

This faucet filter uses a two-stage filtration process that will enhance your home tap water’s color, taste, odor, and purity.

One of those filters is made of activated carbon, which I know from my many years of working with pool filtration systems does a decent job of removing or reducing small to large size particulates in tap water.

In this review, I will discuss some of the main features and characteristics of this faucet mounted water filter, some of the contaminants that it removes or reduces, and what others who have purchased had to say in their reviews of it.

Overview of Brita basic


Some really nice features come with the Brita Basic Faucet Filter. As was mentioned above, I am very impressed with a faucet-mounted water filter having two-stage filtration.

That means this water filter does an above-average job of water enhancement for filters in its class. It only makes it better that it also comes with NSF/ANSI 42, 51, and 401 water filtration certifications.

Its filter change indicator light is also a nice bonus which I am surprised some model faucet attached water filters don’t have.

The Brita Basic Faucet Filter also is available with a good-looking white or simulated chrome finish and both its installation process and filter changes can be simply done.

This is by no means a perfect product either. With its 8” height it may get in the way of some kitchen sink activities. Its 100-gallon useful filter life is also on the smaller side for products in its category.

The Brita Basic Faucet Filter’s hardened plastic body makes it less durable than its competitors that have metal shells. I must say that the small number of reviewers that reported leaking issues is also a minor concern.


  • Electronic filter change indicator
  • Simple Unit installation
  • Meets NSF/ANSI 42, 51, and 401 certification requirements
  • Quick filter changes
  • Sediment catching pre-filter


  • Hardened plastic body (plastic body is BPA free)
  • Its taller 8”+ height may bother some users
  • Some users report small leaks
  • Only a 1-year limited warranty
  • 100-gallon only filter capacity

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What to Consider Before Buying a Faucet Attached Water Filter

If you have fairly decent tap water, a faucet-style water filter is a good choice to remove or reduce some of the remaining contaminants in that water. It will also somewhat improve your tap water’s taste, smell, and color.

It must also be said that faucet-style water filters are not meant to purify poor-quality tap water. That is a job that’s best done by another means of water purification.

You can get more information on the different types of water filters and what contaminants they remove or reduce here.

When looking to purchase a new faucet water filter, there are a few traits about them that one should consider more than others.

This includes:

  1. Contaminants removed: What types of liquids, solids, and other impurities does it remove
  2. Filter life/Filter change indicator: How many gallons of enhanced water can be made before a filter change and is there a way to tell when it’s time to change the filter
  3. Ease of installation: Ability for anyone to do it themselves and what tools does it require
  4. Price Point: Price of the unit and replacement filter cartridges
  5. Listed certifications: Have any independent testing agencies certified it
  6. Durability/Construction: Material the faucet filter is made of and how sturdy it is
  7. Looks: Color and size of the unit (is it big and bulky or more streamlined looking)

Main Features and Benefits of the Brita Basic Faucet Filter

Here are some of the more likable features and characteristics of the Brita Basic Faucet Filter:

Two-Stage Filtration

brita faucet filter

The Brita Basic Faucet Filter is somewhat unique for faucet attached water filters in that it comes with two-stage filtration. That includes a sediment-catching pre-filter and an activated carbon main filter.

That allows it to do such things as reduce chlorine taste and odor and filter out Class I particulates that are 0.5 to 1 micron in size or bigger.

It will also reduce the amount of common industrial pollutants (such as benzene, asbestos, and ethylbenzene), pesticides, and 99% of the lead that may be found in your home’s tap water.

It’s NSF/ANSI Certified


Most faucet filter manufacturers are pretty honest when it comes to what contaminants their products can and can’t remove or reduce. Adding certifications on top of that gives their claims more credibility.

That’s why I like that this faucet-mounted water filter meets such respected independent testing standards as those required for NSF/ANSI 42, 51, and 401 certifications.

Filter Replacement Indicator Light

One of my biggest concerns with any faucet-mounted water filter is that a model has no filter replacement indicator. Brita has got that covered with this model.

That’s because the Brita Basic Faucet Filter comes with a built-in filter life indicator light. It’s green when the filter is operating effectively and changes to red when it’s time to replace the filter cartridge.

Low-cost Filter Replacement

The 100-gallon useful life filters that this product uses are very inexpensive. A twin pack cost less than $20 and will give you up to 8 months of water filtration.

These cartridges are also a snap to replace.

Installation & Maintenance

Do you have limited mechanical ability and because of that, you want an easy to install faucet water filter? Well, the Brita Basic Faucet Filter has got you covered here.

Many purchasers report that it can be installed in less than 10 minutes and that no tools are necessary to do this.

It easily fits on most standard size externally threaded faucet ends and comes with the adapters necessary to fit most internally threaded faucet ends too.

Social Proof & Review consensus

Here is what some purchasers of the Brita Basic Faucet Filter had to say about it:

Here is a person that was very satisfied with the taste of the water that this Brita product provided them with and confirmed that just about anyone can easily install it.

Another user bought the Brita Basic Faucet Filter because of the bottled water shortage during the pandemic. They indicated that their tap water now tastes good to drink and once again the installation process was simple.

There is perhaps no better testament to the quality of a product than what a long-time user such as this one has to say about it. Since this user only has two people in their household, it goes a long time between filter changes, and sometimes they just purchase a whole new unit because of how inexpensive and easy to install they are.

Summing Up the Brita Basic Faucet Filter

One trait that you definitely get with this product is that it’s made by a company that is known to be water filtration experts. That certainly is something in its favor.

The fact that the Brita Basic Faucet Filter uses a two-stage filter that reduces chlorine taste and smell to go along with removing most particulates that are 0.5 to 1 micron in size or bigger, makes it the same or better than most top faucet water filters in its class.

I do wish its filter could be used to enhance more gallons of water before needing to be changed but that is not a deal-breaker because of the low cost of the replacement filter cartridges.

Other than a few reviews mentioning some small leak issues, I just don’t see any big red flags with this particular faucet filter.

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