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Berkey Shower Filter Review

By: David Trinh
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Berkey Shower Filter Review

In this Berkey shower filter review, we’re talking about how these filters can help improve your shower water quality.

You might already have concerns about your home’s drinking water, but have you thought about what might be in your shower water? Do you notice that your skin doesn’t feel as clean as it should after showering?

For example, your water might contain a high chlorine or hydrogen sulfide level and cause concerns about vapor inhalation. Those moist vapors enter your lungs, and no one wants to breathe in contaminants. You might also see limescale building up in your shower, or it might be clogging its head.

Continue reading this Berkey shower filter review to learn how they improve your shower’s water quality, thus making the water touching your body as healthy as possible.

Berkey’s Shower Filters Reviewed

Regular Shower Head Filter

Berkey shower filter

Berkey’s standard shower head filters do an excellent job reducing chlorine by up to 95% while simultaneously decreasing limescale build-up in your shower.

In doing so, this Berkey filter also reduces the potential for chemical absorption and vapors you might be inhaling. These filters don’t inhibit your shower’s water pressure, which is excellent if you live in an area where legislation restricts flow rates. These filters install easily to your pre-existing shower arm and head.

Wellspring Inline Filter


This Berkey inline filter reduces chlorine by up to 98% while simultaneously inhibiting bacterial growth. You’ll also find that it reduces algae, heavy metals, scale, and sediments in your shower water. This filter also installs easily to your shower’s arm and most showerheads.

Berkey Shower Filter Technical Specs

Contaminants Removed

Your home’s water issues aren’t going to be the same as your neighbor’s. For example, they might have odor issues, while your concerns are about harmful contaminants or chlorine. If you feel like either of these scenarios sound familiar, the Berkey filter is an excellent solution.

This showerhead filter reduces up to 95 of chlorine in your water, as well as:

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Mercury (and more)

also no need to worry about microorganisms that typically grow in a showerhead, thanks to this filter’s KDF 55 filter media. Even though this showerhead filter doesn’t solve hard water issues, it controls limescale build-up in your showers and tubs.


A shower head filter’s capacity refers to how many gallons of water can flow through it before it needs changing. The previous model of the Berkey shower filter could last for 10,000 gallons or one year. The current model features upgrades allowing it to filter between 20,000 to 25,000 gallons of water or one year, whichever comes first.

When looking at how much a filter costs, it’s essential that you also consider the cost of its filter. For example, you might notice that the upfront cost for Berkey filters is expensive. However, when you factor in its filter’s longevity, you’re saving money. Look at the filter’s back flush attachment, for instance. That feature allows you to keep the filter media cleaner, which ultimately allows the water filter to keep up with heavily contaminated water better. 


The Federal government has regulations limiting the maximum flow rate for shower heads, and it’s 2.5 gallons per minute. However, in many states where conservation is a priority, the legislation brings that flow rate down to 1.8 gallons per minute.

The Berkey shower filter is capable of accommodating the full 2.5-gallon flow rate. However, your shower head is the deciding factor regarding the actual flow rate. Several factors can decrease a shower head’s flow rate, including contaminant levels and water pressure. The shower head’s back flush attachment controls the build-up of large contaminants that can prematurely clog filters. In doing so, it maintains optimal flow.

Ease of Installation

You’ll love that this showerhead filter is easy to install. You’ll have to get some Teflon tape before starting this installation. Start the installation process by taking off your shower head, add some Teflon tape, and then screw on the shower head filter. Then, reconnect the head to the filter, and you’re all set.


  • This shower filter works with any pre-existing head.
  • The 20,000-gallon capacity is twice as high as competing brands.
  • You won’t notice too many changes in your shower’s water pressure.
  • It has a low-profile and spacing-saving design.
  • These filter products are made in the U.S.


  • It’s more expensive up-front than competing shower head filters.
  • The warranty isn’t clear regarding what it covers.

What to Consider Before Buying a Berkey Shower Filter

Problems It Solves for The Homeowner

Berkey has a reputation for producing high-quality water filtration products worldwide. The Berkey shower filter is no exception.

We love that its KDF 55 filtration media features designs specifically for removing chlorine and other harsh contaminants and turning it into water-soluble chloride gas.

This filtration media also reduces the unpleasant smells that come with hydrogen sulfide. This water filter also does an excellent job reducing mineral stains on the surfaces of your fixtures.

The Ideal Customer for The Product

This shower filter’s ideal customer is someone looking for ways to improve their water’s smell. It’s also suitable for customers who want a cleaner and gentler feel against their skin. You can install this filter in a matter of minutes, which makes it an ideal choice for someone who wants a hassle-free installation that doesn’t require additional equipment.

We also love that the Berkey shower filter’s upgraded version lasts for up to one year or 20,000 gallons, whichever happens first. So, if you’re looking for a filter that lasts a long time, this is one you’ll love. You’ll also love that it’s KDF process media naturally discourages algae and bacteria’s growth in the filer without disrupting water pressure. 

Features & Benefits

The first thing you’re going to notice about this filter is its sturdiness. It features a lightweight plastic housing that’s thicker than the competition and doesn’t feel cheap. Here are some additional features and benefits for these filters:


  • Backflush adapter for monthly filter cleaning
  • BPA-free construction that works with both hot and cold water
  • The filter lasts for between 20,000 and 25,000 gallons or one year.
  • Removes up to 95% of chlorine
  • Removes up to 98% of hydrogen sulfide and water-soluble heavy metals


  • Easy, screw-on installation that’s quick and hassle-free
  • It’s smaller than other models, making you less likely to ding your head when in the shower.
  • KDF filtration media solves chlorine problems by turning them into harmless water-soluble chloride gas
  • Berkey products have a reputation for removing foul odors and tastes.
  • It’s a full-flow filter that ensures there’s even distribution through the media.

Social Proof

Berkey Reviewer:

“This filter literally changed my life. If you are frustrated with cruddy tap water in Los Angeles or any other place with hard tap water, this filter is a miracle worker in filtering out not just chlorine, but hard tap water as well.

I recently moved from New York to Los Angeles, and while it might sound like an exaggeration, the hard Los Angeles tap water made my hair dull and crispy, and left my scalp dry and itchy. This was a totally foreign experience for someone who was used to soft, shiny hair after a shower with New York tap water.

The tap in my Los Angeles apartment naturally has very hard water, which means that there are minerals that are dissolved into it that make it basic (have a low PH). I learned from doing some online research that low-PH water for some reason makes it difficult for soaps and shampoos to clean and rinse effectively, so my dry hair and itchy scalp were caused by a residue of shampoo that was never getting rinsed off.

I am so grateful for this filter. I feel like a human again! By the second shower I took with the filter installed, my hair felt like it was back to New York tap water hair.”

Berkey Reviewer:

“Was using a different brand and still smelled chlorine. This filter got rid of the smell and I can still feel the difference. Doesn’t leak or drip irrigation anything, woohoo.”


You wouldn’t bathe in water that you can’t drink, right? Your search for a high-quality filter that reduces contaminants and solves limescale build-up is over. Ultimately, we love that Berkey’s filters are easy to install and do an excellent job improving your shower water’s quality. It improves your shower’s cleanliness and makes your skin feel better, and the shower’s water smell better.

Click here to check out the Berkey shower head filter.

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