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AquaRain Water Filter Review

By: David Trinh
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Holds three gallons of water4.5

Filters water naturally and without chemicals5

Made from durable materials3.5

Overall Rating



  • Holds three gallons of water
  • Sits conveniently on countertops
  • Filters water naturally and without chemicals
  • Made from durable materials
  • Eliminates the need for plastic bottles


  • Expensive compared to models similar in size
  • Heavy if you want to move it
  • Needs filtering add-on to remove fluoride
  • Does not remove bacteria for boiling
AquaRain Water Filter Review

The AquaRain water filter promises to provide consumers with clean drinking water from the convenience of this countertop unit.

Its ceramic core filters water using gravity and no chemical additives similarly to how water filters through the ground. Model 303 is the only system currently available, which holds three gallons and features a stainless steel housing.

Overview of the AquaRain Water Filter

We learn from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that, during 1987, AquaRain launched locally in Missouri. Aqua Rain’s biggest industry competitor is the Berkey water filtration system, which is available in sizes ranging from one and a half to six gallons. While there are discontinued models available on sites like eBay, they do not feature Model 303’s three high-performance ceramic filters.


In this Aqua Rain filter review, we are covering buying considerations, features, benefits, alternatives, and the following pros and cons.


  • Holds three gallons of water
  • Sits conveniently on countertops
  • Filters water naturally and without chemicals
  • Made from durable materials
  • Eliminates the need for plastic bottles


  • Expensive compared to models similar in size
  • Heavy if you want to move it from one place to another
  • Needs a filtering add-on to remove fluoride after 100 gallons

Things to Consider Before Buying an Aqua Rain Filter

Water contamination is a problem that exists in the United States, as well as the rest of the world. Consumers can address this problem by using an Aqua Rain water filtration system. For example, if you are living in an area where your residential well tests high for contaminants, then this filter is an excellent solution. 

However, it is not a good idea to purchase this system if you need to boil bacteria out of your water. Bacteria might be present in your well, or your community might have a boil advisory. If this is your situation, use bottled water for drinking and cooking because a standard water filtration system is not enough. 

Consider the following before buying an Aqua Rain water filter:

  • Test your water: Testing the quality of your water determines what contaminants the system must filter out, if it is capable of doing so, and if bacteria are present
  • Check your home’s water system: Make sure contaminants are not entering your home’s water supply through leakages in pipes or clogs in drains. Be sure metal pipes have regular cleanings to prevent rust and other organic growth.
  • Determine your home’s needs: Aqua Rain’s Model 303 holds up to three gallons of water. So, if your home uses a lot of drinking water, then you must continuously refill the system throughout the day

Features & Benefits

The Aqua Rain water filter does not require any electricity because it’s a gravity water filter. So, if you lose power or want to use it outdoors where no power supply is available, this gravity water filter delivers. Here are some additional features and benefits to help you during your buying decisions.

Ceramic Filters

Everyone wants to ensure that the water they drink or cook with is safe. In addition to improving the taste of your water and removing any odors that might be present, you can trust this system to remove unwanted and dangerous elements. The system contains ceramic filters that remove the following contaminants from your water supply:

  • Viruses: less than 99.999997% elimination
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): such as acetone, chlorine, chloroform, and ethylene dibromide (EDB)
  • Trihalomethanes: including chlorodifluoromethane and trichloroethane
  • Radiological: this includes Radon 22
  • Heavy metals: like aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, and mercury

Easy Assembly

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a complicated water filtration system. Yes, we want them to work and produce the best tasting water. But we do not want it to be a complicated process. When selecting the Aqua Rain water filter, the assembly instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. That way, you can be up and running in no time at all. 

After removing and washing the items in the box, assembling the system consists of eight additional steps. This is beneficial for those who are on-the-go and want systems in place immediately. Another benefit is that, if you do not want to use all the ceramic filters that come in the package, instructions are available for how to block off that section of the system.

Great-Tasting Water

Having high-quality drinking water that is not only free of contaminants but also great-tasting is a priority for many consumers. The ceramic filters in this unit feature activated-carbon that works by absorbing pesticides and Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE). These filters also remove chlorine compounds while simultaneously improving the water’s odor and taste. The filters work by:

  • Using gravity to draw water through the ceramic filter naturally
  • Filtering out dangerous organisms and other contaminants
  • Ensuring the naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes do not change during filtration

No More Plastic

As popular as plastic bottles are, they are not healthy for our bodies or the planet. People buy plastic bottles of water without giving it much thought, drink half of its contents, and waste the rest. Then, that plastic bottle ends up in landfills if consumers are not actively recycling. Then, there is the worry of ingesting microplastic and other harmful chemicals leaching into plastic bottles full of water.

Opting for an Aqua Rain water filter eliminates the need for plastic bottles. Instead of picking up cases of water and looking for places to store it, this water filtration system conveniently fits on countertops. Contaminants from plastic bottles are a concern for many, especially those who are traveling or spending time outdoors in extreme heat.

Over a Decade of Filtration

Because the Aqua Rain water filter cleans up to 10,000 gallons before it needs changing, that means you have years of use ahead of you. Approximately 10,000 gallons of water filtration means that you can trust them to work for ten years or longer. One of the most notable benefits of this kind of filtration is that, as particulates and bacteria build-up slows down the flow rate, consumers can clean it all off.

Cleaning this system’s filters is straightforward:

  • Use the enclosed scrubby pad
  • Use a small cleaning brush
  • Can endure up to 200 light-pressure cleanings

Social Proof

I scoured the internet and found many positive user reviews. Here are some examples of what I found:

Testimonials from AquaRain’s website:

  • “Although we have a well, the health department advised us not to drink the water. When we first heard of the Aqua Rain Gravity Water Filter System, we were skeptical but bought the unit anyway. You people were very helpful, and the product arrived in a very timely manner. (Of course, we never told you that we were going to give the unit ‘the acid’ test!) Needless to say, we were ecstatic when the water test came back with a green light for drinking water from our very own well! Thank you, Aqua Rain. Please send us four more filters…we are believers!” 
  • “The question arose, how could I be absolutely sure the water was safe to drink if I took it from the lake? So, I decided to put it to the test. I took several samples to Turner Technologies of Warsaw, Indiana—time and again, the tests came back that the AquaRain did its job. I thought you would like to know. I am also sending a copy of the results to ……. My grateful appreciation to you for providing a tremendous product that really works.”

Aquarain Alternatives 

There are dozens of water filters available that help to remove harmful elements from a consumer’s water supply. Many of these water filters feature a lot of the same features and benefits you see in this review. However, there are differences, as well. Let’s look at three alternatives to help give you an idea of what else is available:

Zen Water Systems Countertop Water Filter

Zen Water Systems Filter

The Zen Water Systems Countertop Water Filter differs from the Aqua Rain water filter in that it does not use ceramic filters. Instead, it features a five-stage filtration cartridge. The five stages include granulated activated carbon, ionic exchange resin, far infrared ceramic balls, silica sand, and mineral stones. The water must go through seven stages of filtration that start with the micro-ceramic filter dome and ends with 40 different types of mineral stones.

Like the Aqua Rain water filter, the Zen Water System sits on your countertop. However, instead of holding only three gallons of water, this system can hold up to six gallons. Like the Aqua Rain water filter, this system does not require electricity or plumbing to operate because it is gravity-fed.

  • Price: Around $100
  • Features: The system includes the water filters you need, there is a four-gallon tap dispenser option available, and it is easy to assemble.
  • Benefits: This affordable gravity-fed system does not require electricity and does not use chemicals to filter water.
  • Best for: Campers, preppers, and during emergencies. Check out the Zen Water Systems Countertop Water Filter to receive naturally-filtered water.

Travel Berkey Water Filter


Even though this is a gravity-fed water filter that does not require plumbing, there are differences between the Travel Berkey Water Filter and the Aqua Rain water filter. First, the travel size allows consumers to carry this filtration system with them no matter where they want to go. Second, do not let its compact size fool you. This system filters chlorine, herbicides, organic solvents, pesticides, radon 22, and trihalomethanes. 

Many consumers like the fact that this water filter is made entirely out of stainless steel and does not contain any plastic. Those who have limited counter space also benefit from selecting this system. While this system does filter out fluoride during the first 100 gallons, you must purchase an add-on filter for removal beyond that point.

  • Price: $249.00
  • Features: This system has a 1.5-gallon storage capacity, two filters, compact construction, and it only weighs eight pounds.
  • Benefits: The unit fits in most suitcases, is great for small-space living, and has two optional filters to remove fluoride and arsenic.
  • Best for: This filter is optimal for between two and three people who are camping and traveling where water contamination is an issue. Check out the Travel Berkey Water Filter for light-weight and convenient filtration no matter your location.

Propur Nomad

propur filter

Featuring a two-gallon capacity, the Propur Nomad is an excellent choice for homes, offices, dorm rooms, and camping trips. This unit is convenient, economical, and does not require electricity to operate. It filters most all water sources, including lakes, ponds, rivers, rain barrels, and streams. In addition to being attractive, the system’s stainless steel construction is also durable.

For those who are looking for portability, this water filtration system is not going to disappoint. It has a higher flow-rate than the Traveler, but it is more compact than Propur’s bigger options. The faster flow-rate is also thanks to this unit having two filters instead of only one.

  • Price: Around $200
  • Features: Optimal for one or two people, includes filters, and contains a wrench in the hardware kit for easy spigot installation.
  • Benefits: Customers can choose to use only one filter, a sight glass spigot is an optional add-on for determining how much water is in the container, stainless steel construction means no ingestion of microplastics, and the system is easy to clean.
  • Best for: If you are looking for a plastic-free and compact system, the Propur Nomad is an excellent choice. Check out the Propur Nomad water filter for your home, office, or outdoor needs.


The last thing consumers should worry about is whether or not their water is full of contaminants. As you can see from this review, it is possible to get clean water that tastes great and is odor-free.

It does not matter if you use it in your home or while camping, you can still receive the same filtration benefits. This gravity water filter system is a great fit for your water filtration needs because it:

  • Has ceramic filters that last for up to 10,000 gallons
  • Removes up to 99% of the water’s contaminants 
  • Does not contain plastic, so consumers do not have to worry about microplastic ingestion
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