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Aquagear vs Brita Comparison

By: Craig Smith
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Aquagear vs Brita Comparison

As you search for the best water filter pitcher, you will undoubtedly come across two very popular models; these are the Brita Everyday and Aquagear water filter pitchers.

Just because they are each best sellers, does not mean that they check all of the boxes that you might want in a water filter pitcher.

So, which one may be the right choice for you?

That’s what I will help you decide by doing this Aquagear vs Brita Comparison.

What might seem to you as an easy water purification device decision actually leaves you with more to consider than just what meets the eye.

That’s why as I compare these two products, I will go over such characteristics as to how well each one’s filters perform, their cost, how well they are constructed, and the pros & cons associated with each one.

When this comparison is all said and done, it should become clear to you why Aquagear edges out Brita as my choice for the better pitcher-style water filter.     

Final Summary- Aquagear vs Brita Filter Pitchers

After doing our comprehensive analysis below of the Aquagear vs Brita water filter pitcher we determined that because Aquagear is much more effective in terms of filtration capability and contminants removed it is our top choice.

Brita is a cheaper option but the quality of the Aquagear pitcher takes the crown for us.

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Aquagear vs Brita Comparison Chart

TraitBrita Everyday PitcherAquagear Pitcher
Filter TypeActivated Carbon Granules, Ion Exchange ResinActivated Coconut Carbon, Proprietary CRM Ion Exchange Media
Contaminants Removed/ReducedChlorine, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Benzene, AsbestosChlorine, Heavy Metals, Lead, VOCs, PFOA/PFOSs, Microplastics, Pesticides
Filter Useful Life120 Gallons/6 Months
(Brita Longlast Filter Only)
120 Gallons/6 Months
Material100% BPA-free plastic100% BPS- & BPA-free plastic
Capacity10 Cups10 Cups
Filtration Flow Rate5 Minutes5 Minutes
Third-Party CertificationsTesting Performed - Not VerifiedTesting Performed - Not Verified


Here is a little general information on what are considered to be two of the best water filter pitchers:

Brita Everyday Pitcher

Brita Everyday Pitcher

You don’t get any bigger names with household water filtration products than you do with Brita. They are consistently among the biggest yearly revenue makers in the industry. That should not be surprising for a water filtration products manufacturer that’s been around since 1966.

The Brita Everyday Pitcher is a gravity-fed water filter (The same as all of those on our list of the best water filter pitchers) that you have to manually fill and then let that water slowly filter into the container portion of it.

It takes around 5-minutes to fill and the procedure will have to be repeated a few times to fill up the entire pitcher with enhanced water. It holds 10-cups of water in all which is fairly standard for this type of water filter.

This pitcher-style water filter is made from virtually unbreakable and safe BPA-free plastic. It takes very little effort to set it up and can be up and working just a few minutes after taking it out of the box.

Aquagear Pitcher  

Aquagear Pitcher

Aquagear is a much newer company than Brita as it was only founded in 2014. However, it was specifically formed by a group of engineers who wanted to come up with a better gravity-fed water filter pitcher than companies such as Brita were putting out.

This company has even taken that a step further by donating a percentage of its profits to clean water projects in Africa. Much of what gives this water filter pitcher an edge in some areas over its competition is the many proprietary water filter technologies that have gone into it.

Like the Brita Everyday Pitcher, it holds ten cups and there is about a 5-minute waiting time for the water to pass into the container portion of the product. It too needs several fillings to entirely feel its containment vessel.

It’s also made of safe and nearly indestructible BPA-free plastic. One bonus that you will get by purchasing the Aquagear Pitcher is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

So as far as the basic design and construction of these pitcher-style water filters go, there is not much that separates them here.

Filter Comparison

Filtration is obviously the key trait of any water filter pitcher. So, let’s take a look at how each of these units goes about removing commonly found impurities in tap water.       

Brita Everyday Pitcher

Some well-designed filter media goes into the Brita Everyday Pitcher. The major types of filter media it includes are Activated Carbon Granules, Ion Exchange Resin, and thick absorbent pleats.

The manufacturer claims this enables this filter to effectively reduce or remove such common tap water contaminants as 99% of lead, chlorine (taste and odor), benzene, asbestos, cadmium, mercury, and Class 1 particulates.

Aquagear Pitcher      

As was previously mentioned, this water filter pitcher was designed by a group of engineers that wanted to take the filtration effectiveness of these devices to a higher level. They accomplished that by combining Activated Coconut Carbon media with their proprietary CRM Ion Exchange Media.

It’s a combination that works well when it comes to reducing or removing chlorine (taste and odor), PFOA/PFOS, VOCs, microplastics, and lead & some other heavy metals. 

Contaminants Removed Comparison Chart

ContaminantBrita Everyday PitcherAquagear Pitcher
Class I ParticulatesSignificantSignificant
Healthy MineralsNoNo
Benzene and other VOCsSignificantSignificant

You will notice that the Aquagear water filter pitcher removes many more contaminants than the Brita Everyday Pitcher does.

So, although both of these pitcher water filters do a nice job of eliminating several harmful contaminants in tap water, the Aquagear Pitcher’s filtration does this in a way that’s a big step up from that of the Brita Everyday Pitcher.

Cost Comparison

When it comes to the cost of these two pitcher-style water filters Brita is the hands-down winner but please don’t make your purchase based on cost alone. There is a reason why Aquagear has sold so many units of its reputable water filter pitcher.

Brita Everyday Pitcher

If you have taken a look at many different water filter pitcher models, you will have noticed that Brita is one of the least expensive of these. At the current time, it is selling for around $40.

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Aquagear Pitcher  

The Aquagear is one of the pricier water filter pitchers that can be found on our list of the best ones. At the current time, it’s selling for around $70.

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If you are just comparing straight pricing, then the Brita Everyday Pitcher is hands down less expensive than the Aquagear Pitcher.

Filter Lifespan and Replacement Cost Comparison

If you are truly going to compare the filtration capabilities of water filter pitchers, then you have to look beyond just what contaminants these devices reduce or remove from tap water. That’s why I will take a look at these other important filter considerations.

Brita Everyday Pitcher

Brita Longlast Filter Cartridges

Since Brita has been making water filter pitchers for so long, they have kind of set the standard for how long a replacement filter cartridge for these devices should last.

The company recommends replacing the filters (Brita Longlast) in the Brita Everday Pitcher after 120-gallons of use or every 6-months.

A two-pack of Brita Longlast filter cartridges only costs $27.97. That’s a fairly good deal when it comes to replacement filters compared to many other water filter pitchers and other types of water filtration devices such as under sink water filters.

Brita does make a less expensive replacement filter cartridge but it’s not worth all the extra effort it takes to replace them after just 40-gallons of use.

Aquagear Pitcher  

Replacement Cartridges for the Aquagear Pitcher

I would consider Aquagear’s replacement filters for their water filter pitchers to have an average useful life. Just like the Brita Everyday Pitcher, it’s recommended by the manufacturer to replace them after 120 gallons of water has passed through them or after 6-months.

You might be shocked when you see the cost of the replacement cartridges for the Aquagear Pitcher. At the current time, they are selling for around $49.95. That is over 70% of the cost of the entire pitcher water filter.

Apparently, the company recognizes this fact too. They have recently started a replacement filter subscription plan. Those who sign up for this plan will automatically receive a new filter cartridge every six months at a 20% savings.    

Other Types of Water Pitcher Filter Models Each Company Offers

So, do these water filter pitcher manufacturers offer any other models besides these or any other water filtration products? The answer is a big yes for one and an emphatic no for the other.


This company does indeed make another type of water filter pitcher. It’s called the Brita Grand Water Pitcher. It works the same way as the Brita Everday Pitcher but is streamlined to fit inside your refrigerator better.

Brita also manufactures water filter bottles, faucet-style water filters, and water filter dispensers.


At the current time, Aquagear does not make any other water filter pitcher models or offer any other types of water filter products.

Customer Reviews and Complaints Consensus

Here is what users that left reviews on these two water filter pitchers had to say about them.

Brita Everyday Pitcher

On the plus side, the users of this water filter pitcher like the taste of the water it makes, its wide mouth spout, and its space-saving design. 

Some of the complaints that people have with the Brita Everyday Pitcher are that its filters start to slow down after just a few months of use, the filters are sometimes tough to get to stay in place, and the lid does not seem to fit tight. 

Aquagear Pitcher  

Those that have purchased and used the Aquagear Pitcher say that the taste of their water is much improved, it’s very easy to set up and use, and the pitcher itself has a very convenient design.

The major complaints about this product are that its replacement filter cartridges are priced extremely high, it filters very slow at times (Not doing regular filter flushing may explain this), and it’s prone to occasional leaking around the lid when pouring.

Pros & Cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons associated with each of these water filter pitcher models:

Brita Everyday Pitcher


  • Significantly reduces chlorine
  • Removes chlorine taste and smell, lead, and mercury
  • Affordably priced
  • Made using durable and 100% BPA-free plastic
  • Replacement filter cost is reasonable
  • Good filter life (Longlast filters only!)
  • Filter Cartridges are 3rd-party recyclable


  • Prone to leaking
  • Removes some healthy minerals
  • Cannot be used with untreated water sources
  • Short duration guarantee
  • Replacement filters only come in 2-packs 

Aquagear Pitcher  


  • Does not remove healthy trace minerals
  • Made using durable and 100% BPS- and BPA-free plastic
  • Significantly reduces chlorine
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 100% recyclable product (postage-paid label provided)
  • USA made product


  • Costly replacement filters
  • Some leak issues
  • Slow filtration at times
  • Does not filter out bacteria

My Choice After Comparing the Aquagear vs Brita Water Pitcher Filters

So why do I feel that the Aquagear Pitcher is the smartest choice between these two best-selling and highly rated pitcher-style water filters?

That’s something that may be confusing to you considering that these products are similarly constructed, operate virtually the same way, hold the same amount of water, and their replacement water filters last the same amount of time.

This may be even more puzzling to you knowing that Brita has the clear edge when it comes to purchasing price and replacement filter cost.

For me, this buying decision comes down to the effectiveness of the Aquagear Pitcher’s filtration system.

While it’s true that the Both of these water filter pitchers remove nuisance and potentially harmful chlorine from tap water, the Aquagear Pitcher takes that up to a significantly higher level by removing many more contaminants than the Brita Everyday Pitcher does.

My choice all comes down to my values and the desire to give my family the best chance to stay as healthy as possible. There just is no debating what role the tap water my family drinks plays in that.

So, when you factor in all of the additional contaminants that the Aquagear Pitcher removes or reduces from tap water, that makes it the one that I want my family to get their drinking water from.

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